Winter Wasteland (The Pack)

Winter Wasteland (The Pack)

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Six. Six survivors of many. A terrible blizzard, accompanied by a siege of mobs has left a village of youtubers dead. All except for the pack. Preston, Rob, Vikk, Lachlan, Mitch, and Jerome are the only ones who have survived the slaughter. With all of their friends dead and not many supplies to run with the group must work together to survive a harsh winter environment.
     As far as the eye can see snow covers the land and with blizzards constantly battering the boys it's no surprise one night when a pack of wolves attack they are separated into three groups of two players each. To make matters worse there seems to be endless challenges around every corner, ranging from mobs to natural disasters. Can the six reunite and find signs of life or will they freeze/starve to death in this barren wasteland?


Note: This is an AU where they look like their minecraft skins but human form. Also they used to live in a village with many other youtubers. It is real life but includes minecraft mechanics. Also this story is Vikklan, Poofless, and Merome but not in any direct way... I'll leave that to your imagination ;)


Disclaimer: I do not own any pictures, music, videos, or the game minecraft. I also do not own Preston, Rob, Mitch, Jerome, Vikk, or Lachlan. Or any of the characters really.

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Apparently no one is giving love to Dan, so
                              Although I don’t watch him anymore......
                              NOOOO DAN
                              and everyone else
Sad deaths... I've read many, but I'm never prepared... Gore however, is pretty great!
FrostBlitzx FrostBlitzx May 21
I expect Lachlan to panic at this point since it's Lachlan, but calm Lachlan is good too
You said in the description that you don’t own the pack.. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CHANGE THEM OR THEIR CLOTHING
Ponygirlpony Ponygirlpony May 04, 2017
I just realized that the guys separated to their appropriate ships. Merome Poofless and Vikklan  😍
Ponygirlpony Ponygirlpony May 04, 2017
Sadness but the music im hearing doesn't make it sadder though XD