Building bridges [Vikklan]

Building bridges [Vikklan]

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Rhi By Speedybox Completed

Two teams. Sworn enemies, bound to forever fight.

Red and Blue.

When Vikk and Lachlan meet, they spare each other's lives, and spark something new. 
Can they survive in their broken world together?
Will they come to terms with what they have, and abandon the battle? 
Or will they put it aside and fight to the death with the rest of their team?

Set in a H3M alternate universe where if you die, you die, and the players on each team don't know each other.

Please please please leave a comment I absolutely love reading them! 

!Please note: This story does contain a fair amount of violence, if you are triggered by this in any way please avoid this story, please stay safe!


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EliTheArch EliTheArch Oct 14, 2017
Lachlan You don't do that, We know your a good fighter but plan plan
Bellavanella64 Bellavanella64 Feb 23, 2016
no, no. it was vary helpful and easy to understand. thanks so much!  i can tell this book is going to be awesome!
PasteiGalaxy PasteiGalaxy May 11, 2016
I keep meaning to read this, I get like half way through then I find another book, I read it the. Forget about this one.
fallawaytrees fallawaytrees Mar 24, 2016
I know everything about h3m I wish it was still going tho :( my favourite season was h3m and h2m but I liked vikkstar123 house on h1m 'the salty logon' thank u so much for whriting this book I really like it. This is the second time for me to read! :)  but always remember #team purple
Bellavanella64 Bellavanella64 Feb 23, 2016
This helps so much! Thanks so much, this must have been tedious though. As a fellow writer, I feel your pain