One Direction Fan Fiction :) (On Hold)

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MrsHariboStyles By MrsHariboStyles Updated 4 years ago
Ashley, Clara and Molly have been fans of one direction since they where 14 years old, but what happens when they end up meeting them in a unexpected event 5 years later? Do they hook up with their child hood sweethearts or will they end up broken hearted???
this is grate...keep it up :) keep writing more stories like this (: love it :)
this is great!!!! i love it but you should make more paragraphs, space it, it would make reading a lot easier because im lazy!!!
hey! this is amazayn! if liam's not taken in this please please please can i be set as his gf???? thanks, if you could message me to let me know that would be great! :)
Hey, i don't know if you're still checking the comments on this (it's been a year since you've replied), but this is REALLY good! I've only read the first chapter, but im in love. =) (also, it doesn't hurt that my name is molly...) =)
If you have already finished the story I not or if Niall already had a girl friend, but if not, I would love to be his girl friend in this story! The names Gabby ;)
hii this story is great!!  and at the top i didn't understand did u say comment if u want 2 b apart of it? well if u did me please! thx