Molly's World: New Life by JessBinGloin
Molly's World: New Lifeby JessBinGloin💗
Continue the journey with Molly and the gang continuing the drama from the last book along with some new drama. IMPORTANT: If you didn't read the first book then please...
  • hood
  • trap
  • brazy
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Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show] by Dreamescape101
Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show]by Dreamescape101
BBC's Sherlock Preferences (Some Imagines Included!) Requests Closed (For Now) I DO NOT OWN SHERLOCK OR ITS CHARACTERS. Characters: Sherlock Holmes John Watson Jim M...
  • molly
  • fanfiction
  • moriarty
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Only him ; Cg by not-laura
Only him ; Cgby not-laura
14 year old Elizabeth's dad just died, now she has to live with her abusive mom and her moms boyfriend Ron on the south side of Chicago. But what she doesn't know is th...
  • cutkosky
  • carl
  • molly
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Loving Her (Harry Potter Love Story) by frozenwolf72
Loving Her (Harry Potter Love frozenwolf72
(Previously called 'Harry's crush) Scarlett green was always a mystery worth solving. She was a pureblood and a Slytherin. She seemed to always be ten steps ahead of eve...
  • harrypotter
  • wattys2018
  • weasley
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Isa Greybull {The Breakfast Club} by einlauffeuer-
Isa Greybull {The Breakfast Club}by 💉katharina💉
Saturday, March 24, 1984, six Shermer High School students attended detention. A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, a criminal and a smart-mouth. RANKED #1 IN...
  • 80smovies
  • thebreakfastclub
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Expect The Unexpected- A Frarry Story by ElsieWritesWords
Expect The Unexpected- A Frarry I'm A Rat
When Harry falls into a creature inheritance he is given a mate. A mate that has to accept him or else he will die a painful death. But when he is mated with his bestfri...
  • arthur
  • mates
  • draco
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The Forgotten Weasley by adellexox
The Forgotten Weasleyby Adelle
5 years ago. 5 years ago, Lexi Marie Weasley ran away. Once she was out of Hogwarts, she obliveated her family. Only one remembers her, her twin, Ginny Weasley. Now, Lex...
  • harrypotter
  • ron
  • weasley
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if these walls could talk ⇄  marvels runaways by vastnights
if these walls could talk ⇄ Nia
  • chasestein
  • marvel
  • marvelsrunaways
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Sherlolly Oneshots by FnchDrcy
Sherlolly Oneshotsby beneloo|brealeybatch
Oneshots following the ever confusing, adventure-bound, love-entangled lives (and alternate lives) of our favorite consulting detective and pathologist.
  • holmes
  • benedictcumberbatch
  • sherlockholmes
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Hermione Black-Potter by ToriJadeSelina03
Hermione Black-Potterby Tori
Hermione Black-Potter a young girl who finds out the truth of her parentage and the fact that she now has four new siblings. How does she cope with school as she goes ah...
  • billweasley
  • molly
  • ron
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A story of the next generation of Harry Potter! Read to see what happened to the kids of our beloved characters! A must read for all potterheads! NOTE: This is a fanfict...
  • lily
  • teddy
  • nextgeneration
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The Weasley Mayhem {A Weasley Love Story} by The5ophie
The Weasley Mayhem {A Weasley Sophie
Ariella Tonks was confused and skeptical the day she finally got her Hogwarts acceptance letter. After all, magic wasn't real. WRONG. Since her reconnection to once dist...
  • mayhem
  • love
  • hogwarts
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Harry Potter Roleplay by EndyEnder
Harry Potter Roleplayby Nova_Moon
Wanna join in with the story well now you can! Role play with other HP fans and maybe make new friends and you won't end up forever alone in a corner crying.... ALL RIGH...
  • ron
  • charlie
  • hermione
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ballet ~ harry potter {DISCONTINUED} by sobbingforsirius
ballet ~ harry potter { sobbingforsirius
"he is a montague and she is a capulet." _________________________________ harry potter love story. HP& OOTP-HD OOTP- complete HBP- in process DH- coming soon...
  • george
  • black
  • phoenix
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You Mean the World to Me (Sherlolly) by lulumac123
You Mean the World to Me ( Fandom_Rising
The simple life of Sherlock and Molly. Sort of. ~
  • molly
  • watson
  • hooper
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Painting Trees >> Bill Weasley by xoWATERLILLYox
Painting Trees >> Bill Weasleyby 🌕Padfoot was here🌕
Bill Weasley was quite Smitten by Raine Oakley. He found her to be very ethereal and beautiful girl despite her being newly confident. As fifth year is amongst them he h...
  • ron
  • romance
  • bill
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The Grace Chronicles by gracewatson221B
The Grace Chroniclesby gracewatson221B
Grace Watson, the sister to John Watson and the love interest to Sherlock Holmes. This collection includes the many stories of how Grace and Sherlock fell in the love an...
  • hudson
  • john
  • episode
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the dating game (sherlock love story) by frozenwolf72
the dating game (sherlock love frozenwolf72
John has signed sherlock up on a dating site in order it try and find him a girlfriend. He believes that Sherlock is lonely since he is so busy with Rosie. What could po...
  • lonely
  • mrshudson
  • originalfemaleoc
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My Sister's Husband by OliviaMarie97
My Sister's Husbandby OliviaMarie97
Felicia's whole life she has been second best to her older sister Molly, never good enough for anyone. Finally she meets a guy who actually cares about her. To bad he's...
  • mathew
  • ignored
  • rivals
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Mental by 221b_blogger101
Mentalby Anna Watson
You move into 221A. You're a forensic scientist. You fall for a sociopath and a psychopath. What more can I say? Oh, and did I mention the men you fall for are arch-enem...
  • john
  • mollyhooper
  • molly
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