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A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, Book 8: Royalty

A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, Book 8: Royalty

6.9K Reads 386 Votes 18 Part Story
Mikoto Misaka By Misaka_Omnitrix Completed

A mysterious explosion has ignited in the Eurotunnel in Britain. So far, the thoughts are that France bombed the tunnel as part of their retaliation during World War 3.  However, Necessarius believes differently, and has called in Index to investigate. 
Meanwhile, Ben, Mikoto, and company, have spent the better part of the entire year battling on the side of Academy City in various warzones, Ben further questioning all the while whether the side he picked is the right one. So far, the only reason for the war not breaking out into something worse is due to Russians fearing the power of Ben's current most powerful form: Atomix. 
However, Ben and Mikoto are called by Necessarius to accompany Index and Touma as an extra security measure to investigate the Eurotunnel Bombing. And along the way, Ben meets the 3 Princesses of the British Royal Family, Rimea, Villian and Carissa. 
Villian is currently being backed by Necessarius for the throne.. however, Carissa is intent to gain her royal birthright.. by any means necessary.

Hate!??!?! I freaking love the guy. Heck hes soo popular hes got his own manga.
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Apr 26, 2016
And what would be the purpose of that? I swear, bad guys never think these things through...
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Apr 26, 2016
But Kuroko is like, half the reason I love Railgun! She's hilarious!
CountOrlock777 CountOrlock777 Apr 11, 2016
....... huh. same plot from the totally spies/ Martin mystery crossover episode.
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Apr 26, 2016
Accelerator, never change, we love/hate you just the way you are
EvacionSaraak EvacionSaraak Apr 14, 2016
Yes.... I would like being a yeti, why did you stop his pla-,
                              Female yeti's.... F*CK THAT! THEY GOT NO BOOTAY