Her Innocent Heart   (Masoom Dil)

Her Innocent Heart (Masoom Dil)

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"Let go off me!" She yelled while wriggling in his steel grip on her arm.

"Quiet!" He was dragging her into the somewhat deserted building and shoved her into the lift ruthlessly.

"W-where are you taking me?" Her voice cracked with tears, when she saw him stabbing the no. 9.

"To hell." He gnashed cruelly.

The only sound that echoed throughout the corridor were her cries, as he dragged her outside of lift.

He swiped a card in door mechanism. The black deadening aura welcomed her, when door got opened after a beep. He ferociously pulled in- then shoved her in a room to the left. She stumbled inside, due to darkness and lehnga (toe length embellished skirt) and fall onto the floor. He simply strode in and punched the light switches on.

The fear tormented her...when he kicked the door shut and locked it. Her heart dropped into stomach and breaths gone shorter, as he moved towards her, slowly and calculatingly, with a clenched jaw.

"No....don't do this", She was backing away with his every  step took in her direction.


He whipped her face so hard to fell on bed and then tumbling to floor.

"Bitch, you think you could get away with trying to fool me? He yanked her roughly back onto the bed.

"Please, I haven't done anything, let me go." 

She started blowing baby fists into his barrel chest 

"Bitch! you're just like your bastard of a brother" His harsh tug and jerk on her veil, did her unveiled completely. 

She sobbed hard shielding herself through arms; her breath then hitched.

He was unbuckling his belt, with a predatory gleam in his ebony Irises. 

"No..please...don't do this...to me." She was pale, with utmost fear.

Slapping the belt against ground, coming towards her, with his thuds heavy. He was in Beast Mode.


She is so innocent....
He is much arrogant....

She is too shy.....
He is way bold....

She is Beauty...
He .....is..... Beast

Warning! Huge grammatical error are there...

#1 in Spiritual many times. Alhamdulillah!

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OK was it weird that I thought of the song beast mode while reading this
لاااااااااااا ما امداني اقرا الا و هو مغتصبها ليه ي ربي -u don't get how shocked I was to read "الله"-
I love the title of the book but imagine it being called his beauty ☺ x
Beast mode go beast mode balling so hard they gon think I have a cheat code
Aiza_4 Aiza_4 Jun 12
i love this story so much i love faraan so much i am here for faraan i will never forget him my love is real for this fictional character (i know i sound crazy but yes i am)