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My Weaslebee xxx Fred Weasley

My Weaslebee xxx Fred Weasley

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❤ Emomess ❤ By Ali_is_a_nerd Completed

Annabelle is the daughter of Sirius Black, being the daughter of a mischievous marauder there was no doubt she'd get in trouble. When Snape put Annabelle in detention in her third year after she pranked the Slytherins, Annabelle met the Weasley twins, they became partners in crime and Annabelle eventually fell for one of the twins.

Credits go to J.K Rowling for the creation of the Harry Potter series and the characters
(Yes I know the name is weird.) 
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😂 do you have any idea how fast I clicked this when it said the girls name was annabelle
I just screamed after viewing the cast and saw Jared Padaleckis name on there. This is awesome I love it
Cookiethegerible Cookiethegerible Nov 03, 2016
The only reason he like chocolate. Chocolate makes dogs very sick. Remus thought that by eating enough chocolate, he could kill the wolf inside him
just saying, Annabelle would of been sorted closer to the beginning and Fred and George closer to the end as I'm pretty sure its in alphabetical order but ehhh.
this is beautifully written! to be honest, i was a bit hesitant because of the title, but it really is impressive! ❤