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ArtySkittles By ArtySkittles Updated Jun 05, 2017

Lilian was pushed, roughly into the room. She stumbled forward, unsteady and weak from hunger.

The room was bigger than her own, and the first thing she noticed was a man, chained to the opposite wall.

His head rose and her stared at her with black eye.



Lilian Allock, had been sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

She wasn't planning on staying that long.

But she wasn't planning on meeting him either.

 And things in life seldom go to plan.


This book will have mature content in later chapters, and non consensual sexual scenes and occasionally swearing. If you are not okay with any of these subject, then do not read this book. I'm leaving it up to you whether you are mature enough to read this. But if you complain later on, then obviously you judged your maturity wrong.

Thank you.

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kalenaren kalenaren Apr 18, 2017
Just ten? yo, you murder one person and you can got to life. Ten is life or death sentence.
CIA_Blacklist CIA_Blacklist Oct 22, 2017
I like how it gives off her vibe at the very beginning. 
                              BTW slight typo 😉 it's spelled Answer
fuicodivita fuicodivita Jan 08
Seems harsh to me (and death row is still legal? Where is that? :x)
Lol why keep her alive and have to pay to feed her and everything. Just kill her now, the vote is obviously agreed upon by everybody. But I guess that would end the book too early...
Katelynnwillhi Katelynnwillhi Dec 06, 2016
You think you smell fine but your guards smell an aggressive Latino hobo.  You've gone nose blind
justme_45 justme_45 Sep 29, 2016
Alright she has clothes what about shoes?  Is she bare footed.