Bad- Jikook Fanfiction

Bad- Jikook Fanfiction

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BangtanJiminV By BangtanJiminV Updated May 03

Popular boy Jimin...not so popular boy Jungkook.


An au where Jungkook spills hot chocolate all over Jimin and he isn't too happy about it and wants revenge. They form a relationship along the way of course because I'm a sucker for romance lol.


This is a Jikook fan fiction as you can probably tell from the title. Please leave comments and don't forget to vote. Hope you enjoy the story :) Just to warn you there could be mild swearing in this book. Don't worry...its not cringe or cliche...I think lol. Read at your own risk hahha. 

I know I'm the worst, absolute worst, at introductions...but I hope you find the book much, much, much more interesting hahha. I'm stressing the word 'much' here lol.

I LIVE FOR COFFEE!! I'm not allowed to have it tho mom wants me to die.
Caleo5637 Caleo5637 Jun 29
He's not tho he just went outside there are no people there😆😆😆
Im sorry but dose anybody think of jibooty when they see jikook😞
IrenaM19 IrenaM19 Feb 28
I don't like hot choc or coffee.
                              I prefer Tae...with a side of suga glazed kookies 😏
                              Okay...I'll Jimout 😔
lauronaise lauronaise Feb 13
not today bish. it's tomorrow (i love you if you understand both puns 😂)
Jikook-fied Jikook-fied Aug 31, 2016
Dont run run run.......cause u spent all ur money and now u got to pay ... how are you going to pay him....😏😏😏😏