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Jungkook encounters 6 mysterious people, who he learns aren't really people at all. STARTED: 6/13/19
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Falling for Park Jimin (Yoonmin) by MisterChimKyut
Falling for Park Jimin (Yoonmin)by bebi boi
"I think that Taehyung guy left Jimin because of his cold and arrogant attitude." Yoongi huffed in annoyance "Ohh Yoongi. You taught wrong. In fact, Jimi...
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Gas Station || y.min || by YoungLifeYoungMe
Gas Station || y.min ||by Sup *swag pose*
Min Yoongi is a famous killer, who has killed over twenty people (or at least known ones) and is known as Agust D by the public. Yoongi was being transported to a facult...
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tattoo shop | yoonmin  by uwuemilyuwu
tattoo shop | yoonmin by ☁️𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲☁️
"m'scared" "don't worry baby, i've got you." - the love story of a tattoo artist who had a soft spot for a soft boy, who had a not so soft past. ...
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Why the bad boy? by LittleangelJimin
Why the bad boy?by CCLlittleangeljimin
Jeon Jungkook a 23 years old history teacher who it's very shy but very handsome , but he crosed paths with the bad boy of the school Park Jimin,a 20 years old student w...
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Sunglasses ノノYoonmin by yaboiikeiji
Sunglasses ノノYoonminby .
park jimin, the boy who wears pink sunglasses every day without taking them off. min yoongi, jimin's new roomate who gets dared by his friends on the basketball team to...
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Blinded by Cloudy_Dear
Blindedby :·*°✧밤비✧°*·:
Namjoon goes blind before BTS' comeback and Jimin and Hoseok are there to help.
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Blanket Kick ↪ yoonmin by yxxnmn_
Blanket Kick ↪ yoonminby SOPHENG
" daddy no i dont want this one. " " min yoongi one more kick i swear to god. " - yoonmin bot!yoongi top¡jimin ddlb au
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"You're Mine" ー yoonmin ⚣ by taesthestic
"You're Mine" ー yoonmin ⚣by we gucci
"The night I saw you, you were perfect and I knew you had to be mine." top!jimin bottom!yoongi ©taesthestic
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DOMINANCE : pjm + jjk  by chimaesthetic
DOMINANCE : pjm + jjk by honeybun 🐰
❝ I'll make you feel so much pleasure all you'll ever think about is my name.❞ In which jeon jungkook likes being dominated.
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demented - jikook by yogurtjk
demented - jikookby shimi
where jimin, a well known and feared psychopath turns innocent psychiatrist jungkook into korea's harley quinn. " we're not insane, we're just in love. " inspi...
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Kingdom Come◇yoonmin◇ by skycat101likestoread
Kingdom Come◇yoonmin◇by skycat101likestoread
Where a boy who was always bullied meet a King of powerfull Kingdom in another world and accidentally wines up in a quest ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You know,your very beaut...
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The Unrequited Love ✿ Yoonmin  by cute_seokjinnie
The Unrequited Love ✿ Yoonmin by ˚。⋆୨୧˚ᴄᴜᴛɪᴇ˚୨୧⋆。˚
❝ Umm.... What's wrong...? ❞ ❝ Would you mind getting the fuck off my lap? ❞ Jimin's an Alpha Witch. Yoongi's an Omega Knight. One strives for equality. One strives f...
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Cheater || kth x pjm  by wetkth
Cheater || kth x pjm by ♡
"Cheating is a choice, not a mistake"
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Don't hold my hand (YOONMIN) (On Hold) by frnkierogw
Don't hold my hand (YOONMIN) (On Sadbutrad
bottom! Yoongi top! Jimin He rolled around and grabbed his phone from his nightstand, he lazily rubbed his eyes with his fist and unlocked his phone. His eyes widened a...
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Jikook oneshots  by jikookieforlife
Jikook oneshots by jikookieforlife
Just a bunch of short random jikook oneshots. If you want, leave recommendations for oneshots at the end of chapters. Fluff Smut~ Everything jikook
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Wrong number [Jikook] [Book 1] by _kookmintae_
Wrong number [Jikook] [Book 1]by Blue_Minted_Jades
Book 1: Wrong Number (Completed) Book 2: Lost Contacts Unknown: don't ignore me dud, ik you're pissed that i stole ur dildo but it was PINK, sooo.... Unknown: legit tho...
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«sober⚣mvk»✔ by -EROTICA
«sober⚣mvk»✔by emma
jeongguk only loves taehyung when he's drunk. jimin gets drunk off taehyungs love. - started; 12.27.17 ended; 5.19.18
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Scars are part of you - Yoonmin - ff by Babe_without_name
Scars are part of you - Babe_without_a_name
"I hate my life and myself. I'm so tired." Story of 16-years old boy, named Yoongi. He's depressed, afraid of people and hears voices. He plans to kill himsel...
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MY MR.PARK{BOOK 1} by 1-800-jikook-boi
MY MR.PARK{BOOK 1}by 💙💙~wittle~💙💙
Where Jungkook falls for his new teacher
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