Loving Him

Loving Him

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(BOOK 1)

Drew Lyall knew his life would be full of obstacles. It was the fate he shared with all of the Omegas. Even though he knew the unlikelihood of his one true wish being granted, he couldn't help but hope. He wanted to be mated, but not just to anyone, to the love of his life: Kai Hemming. Kai was the most promising of the Alphas and only an Omega of high ranking could ever be his perfect match. There was nothing special about Drew and he was painfully aware. His love...unrequited.  

There was a fire in Drew Lyall that reeled Kai in like a moth to a flame. He couldn't get him out of his head. He was getting older and time was pressuring him into choosing a mate fast, but the one he wanted...hated his guts. Kai was desperate for Drew's acceptance but a few wrong moves had the promising Alpha neck deep in trouble.

The Humans and Wolves had been coexisting peacefully for years, sharing the Earth equally. Now, something was wrong. The Humans began oppressing the Wolves, becoming greedier with land and resources.  They forced their way into the Wolf Societies, planting their seeds within the Communities. The Wolves were growing antsy, not taking the violation lightly. And the World was edging to the one thing that could destroy everything: War.

you know I am human and I agree with drew. If they, or anyone else, are inserting themselves into another culture, at least learn and study it.
TanyaDreden TanyaDreden Jan 25
Don't worry I loved the little wolf heat have read it maybe 8 times its keeps me coming back looking forward to this one
din_dan din_dan Jan 15
I would gladly donate my womb...I don't plan on ever giving birth.  It's not about not wanting kids as much as the fact I just don't want to do it.
Jihoona30 Jihoona30 Nov 12, 2016
He's right if the humans are going to be in their Community then they need to learn their customs and what is and is not acceptable in their Community. Not them changed to accommodate the humans. It's already bad enough that they have a wall built up 4 species that's a custom to having its freedom
Jihoona30 Jihoona30 Nov 12, 2016
Not racist, he's trying to preserve his species.  Notice the humans are specifically targeting the Alphas. That means they figure it out
Dri_royalty Dri_royalty Dec 31, 2016
I like Mel. She's not all talk. If she says it she will do and nobody better mess with her man. 👏