Hating You (boyxboy)

Hating You (boyxboy)

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Jostena M. By YukiChan801 Updated Nov 05

Leo Johnson has been a good boy since the day he was born. He always did what he was told and got the best grades in school. Even if everyone called him the number one nerd he didn't care as long as his parents were happy and accepted him that is until he met Derek. He never told his parents that he was gay because he was too afraid they'd hate him. Until Derek encourages him to come out to his parents on graduation with him. But what happens when he finds out that it was all a joke, his parents throw him out of the house and he is pregnant. What happens then?

WARNING: this story is boyxboy which means boy on boy action. If you don't like then don't read.

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I would have stabbed him! Jk but I'd be so hurt and probably break his things lol
Vanguard12 Vanguard12 Apr 26
He's wrong. There are people who would really never betray others. That's what loyalty is. Those who betray are different. That's what a (insult usage) bastard is.
Wicked-Warlock Wicked-Warlock Aug 04, 2017
On a funny note he is probably prettier than that girl so hahah😂
bookfreak44 bookfreak44 Oct 23, 2016
This is so well written!  Anyway I like him already. We'll get along nicely,
velaki velaki Dec 02, 2016
rereading this one as well as unfeeling while I wait I'm sure I'm not the only one
HappilyDeadAndDark HappilyDeadAndDark Oct 07, 2016
I'm a very violent person so if someone did this to me I would end up in jail. Half the people I know are afraid of even trying to insult me.