The Dating Class

The Dating Class

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elizabeth By holdingontomemories Updated Dec 30, 2017

"Date me. It's for a class."

What if there was a class where the only assignment was to date someone for an entire semester?That's exactly what Ridgefield Academy is known for. Welcome to Dating in the Modern Age.

Besides having a stellar soccer team and a hierarchy that would put any government to shame, it's no secret that everyone wants to take the class and be at the top of the ladder with none other than the Popular Girl herself.

It turns out putting the majority of the popular students in the class is as bad of an idea as it sounds... so who's going to stay at the top and who will fall-whether it be in love or off the ladder?

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hailey7p hailey7p Jan 23
I just wanted to warn anyone reading that this book does talk about sex quite a bit, and thus if you don’t want to read this kind of book, turn away now before you get entranced into a trap.
mylonelysunshine mylonelysunshine Apr 23, 2016
I totally want to take this class ❤ loved the snippet. I can't wait to read more.
- - Apr 30, 2016
I would love to take this class and can't wait to read more of this book love it
nicoleishh nicoleishh Mar 29, 2016
Please tell me this is gonna be updated a lot more frequently
official_theboyz official_theboyz Mar 29, 2016
I can't wait to read more, this story looks really good!! 😚❤️🔜
WinxClubFairy WinxClubFairy Mar 30, 2016
This idea is so unique! I can already tell it's going to rock. Too bad classes like this don't exist.