In Love With The Hot Nerd (Under Construction!! Read At Your Own Risk ;) )

In Love With The Hot Nerd (Under Construction!! Read At Your Own Risk ;) )

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The typical love story. Bad Boy meets good girl, They fall in love. Blah Blah Blah... Boring and used so many times! But what if the popular Rich Girl goes for the Nerd? But the worst part is she has to live with him? But is it really that bad? 

Ashley is a rich, beautiful and overall a talented girl. She lives a rich life, But acts like a normal teenage girl. But even with all the glamour she never sees her parents. But when her parents move and cant bring her along they had to make a decision to send her off to live at a private boarding school owned by their Old friends. 

Not only does she have to leave her childhood home and friends, But she has to live with unfamiliar people. Will this move turn out to be good or will things end in disaster? 

Sequel to this story is in my stories 'My Nerd Model' Please check it out after you have read this book. Thanks! <3

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cspain317 cspain317 Apr 30, 2015
Amazing story so far, but needs some work on the grammer, but still amazing
zhyrieee zhyrieee Mar 03, 2015
I shall name them squishy jr. and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy.......
                              I actually just rewatched finding nemo
hopemooncrystal99 hopemooncrystal99 Jun 09, 2014
Love the idea of the story,  even though there are some grammar mistakes here. For instance, when you write words in their plural form, with an S (dog--dogs), there shouldn't be apostrophes ('). Just trying to be constructive because I love the story :)
BruhhItsBaylee BruhhItsBaylee May 16, 2014
a girl jumping on a dude and she literally started making out with him and he's like trying to pry her off of him lol
BruhhItsBaylee BruhhItsBaylee May 16, 2014
when she said I don't throw my self on guys I hit a image in my head of a girl launch I g out of the hung I forgot the name of and she was all on a dude lol
Just_Jae Just_Jae Mar 30, 2014
I think this is going to be an amazing story. Despite a few grammar problems, I really like the idea and I hope for more. :3