Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic)

Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic)

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Jessie Scrouffont By yay_lollipop Updated Jun 02

A new girl came to Ouran one day. She was getting a lot of attention from other students. She was silently walking in the hallways till she got lost. She was about to cry when she met the host club in a music room.

Will new love spark inside the host club? Or is there someone who will get hurt?

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I thought it said "As I wander the balls"....
                              You scared me for a second.
nati_b nati_b Jul 18
I'm starting to get used to getting lost in grocery stores.. I need major help..
I may be your fan kyoya-senpai but....WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO HER ITS JUST CAKE!!!
I'm 4'8 and I'm 11 so like I don't rea
                              ly see a problem except for the fact that at least 3/4 of my classroom is taLLER THAN ME
Usa-chan + Uka-chan= Cute ship for a cute pairing #KawaiiMadness!
mangafan007 mangafan007 2 days ago
I'm imagining if ichigo was here ... ( from yumeiro patissere )