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Ohshc x Percy Jackson  by catcow12
Ohshc x Percy Jackson by catcow12
Have you ever thought about two of the best fandoms ever meeting? If not we'll that's unfortunate because I sure have! There's a new kid at Ouran High. The kid is quiet...
Bunny Boy | Tamaki Suoh by Neptune_8
Bunny Boy | Tamaki Suohby Meraki ♡
You think he's cute? Wait until he starts talking, then decide if you really think he's cute.
Your Wish Is My Command, Princess (OHSHC x Reader-chan) by beccaff
Your Wish Is My Command, Princess...by Beccaa
(Y/N) has always dreamed of going to Ouran Private Academy, so when she gets the test results from her entrance exam back as positive, she is absolutely ecstatic. Howeve...
The Animal (Ouran High School Host Club) by WizzyGameMaster
The Animal (Ouran High School Host...by Wizzy
Mizura lives her life be her family's only rule. While it may seem harsh, she has no trouble following it. Then she meets the loveable Mitsukuni Haninozuka and everythin...
The Clumsy and The Cool [Kyoya Ootori] (OHSHC) by Creepy_Fabulous_Cat
The Clumsy and The Cool [Kyoya Oot...by Creepy_Cat
Shinji Sasaki is a clumsy boy. Quiet, awkward, and most of all short. Kyoya Ootori is a cool boy. Calm, silver-tongued, and most of all intimidating. So when Kyoya meet...
Sweeter Than Cake (A Honey/Mitsukuni Haninozuka Love Story) by -jimindipity-
Sweeter Than Cake (A Honey/Mitsuku...by lance
Katsumi is the older sister of Haruhi Fujioka. The Fujiokas took her in when she was little. Her and Haruhi have been best friends since the day they met. But what happe...
Hitachiin Sister by TemeHoes
Hitachiin Sisterby Broski
"Hikaru, I'm nervous." Kaoru admitted shyly. "It's okay, Kaoru" his twin brother playfully slapped his shoulder. "Flight '346A' will be arrivin...
Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic) by yay_lollipop
Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic)by Jessie Scrouffont
A new girl came to Ouran one day. She was getting a lot of attention from other students. She was silently walking in the hallways till she got lost. She was about to cr...
The Mysterious Type [Black Butler & OHSHC Cross Over] by TallulahHoney
The Mysterious Type [Black Butler...by Tallulah
Ciel and Sebastian are going to Japan to investigate a chain of crimes all having one thing in common. Ciel is being forced to go to Ouran High School (which is no prob...
be my usa-chan  by ranarie-
be my usa-chan by +
[ ouran high school host club fanfiction ] " do you wanna be my usa-chan? " ❤️ » dedicated to all! » do people still read ouran fanfics these days? meh i'll j...
I'm glad That I met you  Mitsukuni Haninosuka's love story( Honey sempai) by NatnareeChaengsawang
I'm glad That I met you Mitsukuni...by LunaofTHemoon
Ouran host club does not belong to me All right reserve to Bisco Hatori I only own Minori and Miho Minori Watanabe is a rich kid and study at Ouran high school. her fami...
She's the One? (Hitachiin Twins) by daddygaskarth
She's the One? (Hitachiin Twins)by Whatever
Alex Smith is a transfer student from America. Her mother moved her to Japan to continue growing her fashion business. She puts Alex in Ouran Academy where she meets the...
Crossing The Line by YukimuraShuusukeGrl
Crossing The Lineby Yuki Iseri
The Morinozuka family had always followed the Haninozuka family...so it isn't uncommon for the family to be close...so close sometimes they even share a spouse. Too bad...
The Hitachiin Triplets (OHSHC Fanfic) by Ashton_Duzell
The Hitachiin Triplets (OHSHC Fanf...by Ashton Duzell
It's all in the title, read to find out more. XD --Saria_Duzell (Ashton_Duzell's younger twin sister. Yes, we are real people and not just random characters we thought u...
My husband ( knb& ohshc) by florindapless12
My husband ( knb& ohshc)by Darknight
when kuroko lets out that he is actually married to someone.
Honey's Sweet Baby Sister (Ouran OHSHC) by kate_inspired
Honey's Sweet Baby Sister (Ouran O...by Kate_inspired
Kaito is the only girl with her brothers Mitsukuni and Yasuchika. Also she's the middle child. She was given a boy's name in hopes she'd go beyond her family's expectati...
Hero | ohshc by JHCSEOKK
Hero | ohshcby s.k
- Originally, The Ouran Cafe Princess - [warning (it's here for a reason!!!): i started writing this in middle school; it's VERY cringy at times but i've edited it as m...