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The New Girl (Haruhi X Reader)

The New Girl (Haruhi X Reader)

56.5K Reads 2.3K Votes 23 Part Story
Senpai By Faithis260 Completed

Y/N was new to Ouran Academy. She had just moved to Japan after her parents passing. 
Y/N discovers the Host Club, a club full of handsome men who entertain the girls at the academy. 
They attempt to charm her, but in actuality Y/N like girls.... What will happen when she finds out Haruhi is a girl? Will they fall for each other?
I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, nor do I own you :b

Jaiden_Suzuya_ Jaiden_Suzuya_ Nov 28, 2016 in real life in British 1/3 Japanese 1/3 and French 1/3 WTF
I'm the same... except I'm usually the one who kills them...
DeathTheDude DeathTheDude Jun 12, 2016
I usually dont use myself in x Readers. Ive developed names for these things. NOW HERE WE GO YUSHI VAN DIAGO
Allythepotato Allythepotato Nov 28, 2016
Hehe I WASNT gonna do the sane thing (dont yoy judge me your judging me with your eyes dont do it 🔫)
I hate crying in front of people because I don't want to seem weak. I'm usually the strong one who helps others.
To tell the truth, after my mom died i moved also........ What a cowinkidink