When Left Alone (Ouran Highschool Host Club Fanfiction)

When Left Alone (Ouran Highschool Host Club Fanfiction)

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Yukina Katsuragi, a girl that speaks what's in her mind, silent, expressionless and her sudden smiles will blow you away.

Accepted to Ouran Academy through her brains and how she can memorize everything she sees, hears and feels too.

She stumbles upon the music room and meet the one and only "Host Club!"

She became close with them and they make her irreplaceable memories she will never forget.

But with no idea of what she has been doing because she's never been in love for real, she does things out of the ordinary.

Even though she shows no emotion,

When Left Alone. .

Yukina visits her deceased parents and tells them all about her days in school and the memories she makes with her special friends and sometimes cry her heart out.

Will any of the host club members fall in love with her?

How will they learn about her past?

Can they change her?

What secrets of her taunting past are awaiting her?

--Read and find out--

A_Fangirls_Mind A_Fangirls_Mind Aug 01, 2016
Just go and read the manga a million times. Works for me so I can squeal about how hot the Hitachiin twins are
CrystalBloodRose CrystalBloodRose Dec 10, 2016
ikr so true I love all of you I found the planet im supposed to be living on
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                              Finally I have found my people 😭😭😭
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since the comments are filled with cup sizes ill contribute to the trend and share mine as well. I wear a 40B