The End Is Only The Beginning (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction)

The End Is Only The Beginning (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction)

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S. A. L. Stratton By SALStratton Completed

A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction Series.

Elena Gilbert dated Damon Salvatore, a centuries old vampire for a year until he broke her heart.
But now he's returned to Mystic Falls and he's trying to win her back, ending up for the long run unsuccessful.

Elena meets Damon's younger vampire brother, Stefan, and they fall in love. Damon knows that Elena is meant for him, so does his best to win back the love of his lifetime and hopefully the rest of eternity. 

A drunken night in a motel in Georgia, a steamy kiss, a love triangle (Not Damon/Elena/Stefan), death, betrayals, and a lot of heartache, will Elena be ready for the toughest choice of her life? One that will affect her life forever?

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Cursedgemstone Cursedgemstone Nov 14, 2015
Damon is the best I really think he has major character improvement and I really can't stop thinking about his sexiness
maggiecrokee33 maggiecrokee33 Apr 30, 2014
if its in Elena's POV then why does it say Elena tried... and so fourth? the confusion is real
8VSecret8 8VSecret8 Feb 27, 2014
very good so far, btw all u wattpad peps gotta read, "you make me feel human" fan fic, it off the hook
MollyB6 MollyB6 Apr 22, 2013
to the people saying Damon's eyes are black, yes in the books they are, but if you look down the side you will see the cast chosen and Ian Somerhalder is chosen to play Damon, alike the TV series, Ian's eyes are very much blue. So stop criticizing the author!
_Mirandized_ _Mirandized_ Apr 03, 2013
who ever said his eyes are not blue, the writer is probally going by the tv series! i love this! its Awesome
minuteofmadness minuteofmadness Mar 31, 2013
Love this! So amazing! I like this Elena more than the tv show Elena, too! Great job!