The Other Salvatore »»» Klaus Mikaelson

The Other Salvatore »»» Klaus Mikaelson

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Juliet Salvatore hasn't seen her brothers since 1864, she thought they were dead. After she woke up she thought she was all alone, she didn't want to live anymore because she couldn't live without her brothers. Then she met Klaus and he helped her with the transition and convinced her to live as a vampire. They became close after that and fell in love

Now she hasn't  seen Klaus since 1987since she left him what would happen when she returns to Mystic Falls and she reunites with her brothers and see's Klaus again? Will Juliet go back to Klaus or will she fall for someone else?

First fanfic don't judge lol

Kyrstin5sos Kyrstin5sos Jul 02, 2016
Nik, Nikki, Klaus, Klausy, Santa Kalus, what ever you wanna call him.
deathpizza deathpizza Feb 08
shouldn't she have her own room? i mean she lived there until she turned sooooo
AJanaeL120203 AJanaeL120203 Dec 07, 2016
I'm putting it in my Bucket List to go to New Orleans..... Or move there
Kyrstin5sos Kyrstin5sos Jul 02, 2016
I can show the world
                              Shingimg shimmering splendid 
                              Tell my princess now when did you last let your heart decide
raconteurlilac raconteurlilac Jul 02, 2016
The brothers need to be noticed that Adam is back on earth. Someone call the FBI
xxxnoboundariesxxx xxxnoboundariesxxx Aug 22, 2016
Ok but guys Aidan is already my fave character just cuz Jared plays him