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Fifty Shades of Zayn(Unedited)

Fifty Shades of Zayn(Unedited)

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Akkia By bigpaynolicious Updated Mar 10

He says he's fifty shades of fucked-up and she knows that as well. But still, there is something about him that she can't stay away, even when she knows what he really is and the fact that he is not capable of love. He knows what he is dragging her into yet doesn't let go 'cause he is addicted to her. She thinks she can change a 'chains and pain' man into a 'hearts and flowers' man. Will she succeed? Or will she be hurt? 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is adult rated for its contents. Please do not read if you do not fall under the age group. Also, due to its contents, wattpad keeps changing certain chapters to PRIVATE and to solve that, you need to FOLLOW me to read certain contents of the book. I am sorry, I am not craving for followers at all. It's just a rule that only Followers can read Private chapters! :(

elioras97 elioras97 May 13
Wow your work looks like a replica of Fifty Shades of Gray, did you really copy from Fifty Shades of Gray?
Into1D Into1D May 04, 2015
as it is just another version of fifty shades of grey, i'm not too much into the original book but i hope the changes you made are good :)
Bandana6009 Bandana6009 Mar 21, 2015
Would it be weird if I said I am in love with her subconcious??
Bandana6009 Bandana6009 Mar 21, 2015
This is really good!! I can already tell that I am going to get addicted to this book...
Joy_Valentino Joy_Valentino Mar 01, 2015
Ain't that the truth !
                              Finally a character who knows what I go through
                              Darn this acne ! Darn you
bigpaynolicious bigpaynolicious Jul 11, 2013
@MakingSTories @BoxOfSwagxx updated. though i just had 5 votes..