Afraid - H.S (under editing) Wattyawards2017

Afraid - H.S (under editing) Wattyawards2017

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Alyssa is a loner. Her mother is a drug addict and alcoholic. Dave, her mothers drug dealer boyfriend, has tried to sell her before but her mother wouldn't let him... until he came along... he offered so much money just to have her...

Alyssa Wood doesn't  talk to anyone, ever since her dad died when she was six. Her mother became very, very abusive. 

One day, a mysterious man came along. He was tall, lean, he had tattoos and piercings. He was so intimidating. 

Alyssa didn't know what was happening, he came to her house and he bought her. She was so angry at her mother... how could she do this? to her own daughter? well, she's done much worse...

Both of them have been through rough times. Both of them needed someone... But she was to afraid to show it; and he was too afraid to try.

Luckily I only have 8 more days left then I'm done forever yay
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