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Dusk to Dawn - New Adult

Dusk to Dawn - New Adult

13.1K Reads 702 Votes 12 Part Story
Jane By HowlingJane Updated Feb 06

The third book of the Underworld Series
Can be read by itself!
For Mature Audiences

Growing up as the only Princess of Namaria, Naomie has known nothing but love and kindness, along with adventure. After leaving the castle one night after her year of testing was complete, she finds herself in a meadow, following a shooting star. Only to find the star isn't a star at all, but a boy with Wings and eyes of violet flowers. 

After leaving her, Skyrin goes to prove himself not alone to Naomie, but to the Kingdoms of the Underworld completely. Brokenhearted from the loss of her first love, Naomie accepts the hand of a King that is off the coast of Namaria, floating in the stars. But, weeks before the wedding and mating ceremony, Ezra returns, fully intended to prove his love and worth completely.

-The-Mist- -The-Mist- Jun 26, 2016
I kept on swooping up because I thought my phone was lying about not having another part to read.
izzabear izzabear 4 days ago
Just now remembering how much his domineering attitude irked my soul.