Sleeping with my Bestfriend

Sleeping with my Bestfriend

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*Best Friends with complicated benefits*


"Why don't you?" I asked, my voice was breathless, husky. "Just f*ck me?" 

I felt the heat of his hands leaving my body.


He shook his head.

"Why not? Why stop now after all we've done?" 

"I don't want to hurt you, Key," He admitted his reluctance.

"Hurt me? Hurt me how?" 

A silent moment passed before he spoke again.



Being the last virgin amongst your peers is embrrassing, especially to Keya Reynolds. She will do anything to break this so called virginity even if it means asking her best friend of eight years, Kyle Reyes. 

WARNING: You see that R sign? Yup, that's a symbol for you to be aware that this *WILL* -emphasis on "will"- contain R-rated scenes. So, read at your discretion.

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My mom: “ummmmm honey, how about you get some friends that are girls? I mean, boys these days, there are so immature and *voice drops to a whisper* they do illegal stuff, in case you never knew”
Werewolflover3252 Werewolflover3252 Mar 21, 2017
I hate when girls think they heard them say that when they know they did!😂😒😒
kaylina1123 kaylina1123 Sep 17, 2017
I feel the same way but I'm good on sex thank you very much. It seems like too many feelings😷😷😷😷
MoonMadea MoonMadea Feb 23, 2017
I feel so bad for ya'll, I'd lose all that the next morning.