Oneshot of Kyle

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Didn't think I'd do this but...ah well guess I gotta give you something while I'm still in the process of writing some more chapters.

So this a oneshot. A brief passage in Kyle's point of view. This scene is the morning after Keya and Kyle do the deed and right after she tells him that she wants them to still be friends.

Okay, now the reason I made this short is because, well because I am not entirely confident at writing in a guy's point of view. Especially, an eighteen year old teenager for that matter.

I really have no clue what goes on in their heads. But as heads up, Kyle swears quite a lot in his head. Basically this is what I think goes on in his head, half of the time.

lol hope you guys like tho. See ya in Chapter 20!


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I wished I could abide to that saying. But, life gave me a really, really bad lemon called Robert Reyes. This lemon was so fücking selfish, it downright refused to turn to sweet lemonade.

I wouldn't say I hated my father, I stopped hating him right at the moment I stopped caring. I was way past hating him; the sleazeball no longer existed to me.

If only he would just fùcking disappear!

I was at it again. His presence hovered around the house like that annoying fly that refused to fvcking leave no matter what you do.

The thing I disliked about his presence was that he brought on unwanted memories. This house itself used to bring back those memories. That was until I stripped down the walls and repainted them, changed the furniture and took down any unwanted pictures.

The only picture left in this house was one with all four of us smiling like a happy family. That picture mocked me that's why I kept it hidden, buried deep within my shoe box somewhere.

I never really talk about them. The very thought of them left a bad taste in my mouth.

But the dreams are becoming frequent these days. The worst part is they're not just dreams. They are memories. Memories of how it used to be like to be a fúcking family.

Ugh. What the hell was wrong with me? I was worse than before, ever since Robert taunted me about them. Most of the time the fúcktard àss left me alone, so he really sent me a bad curve ball when he brought them up.

However, deep down I knew that wasn't what was wrong with me these days.

So what exactly was eating me up.

Oh yeah, that's right. Frucking Keya Reynolds. If only I had balls to wring that girl. The most frustrating lemon in my life. Only Keya wasn't a lemon, no she was too sweet to be sour.

I've been going crazy these days just thinking about her and I couldn't fúcking stop. Ever since she brought up her virginity, it's the only thing that has been constant in my mind.

She drove me insane. And to think I had almost lost control that day she let me touch her. Shiít. She had felt so good in my hands. She still felt so good, just thinking of last night.

Last night? Ugh! Ugh! My c0ck was stirring up again just by thinking about the way she stroked me, the way she licked me and the way she...

Ah Fuçk! It was too late. Jeez, how many times will I be jerking off per day because of her?

"I want us to still be friends...we can't throw away eight years like that...remember friends with choice but to brush last night off." Her voice rang hauntingly around my head.

The girl was indecisive. If only I knew what the actually fcck went through her head at the time. She had further ruined what had been my worst morning by those words.

She wanted us to be friends? How dare she fücking friendzone me after what was probably the best sex I had ever had in my life.

After last night, I was screwed over. I knew it was going to be so hard trying not to think of her in lewd ways, considering I had been thinking of fûcking her ever since she brought up the subject.

Now that I've had a fill of her, my c0ck responded to her name, her scent, even the slightest thought of her triggered my erection.

Last night I knew damn well what was going to happen the moment I stepped in the shower. All throughout that date; it had been the way she looked, smelled, walked and talked. Her eyes--Gosh, I could drown in them pitilessly. Her cute nose and those lips--damn, those lips. The way she wore her dress...and those tîts!

Fûck, was it possible to get even harder than I already was?

Now she wanted us to remain friends? Well Fuck her! Damn, I wished I could do just that. UGGHHH! I needed to stop thinking about her. And to seriously get my head out of the gutter.

But why? Why did she think I wanted us to be friends after that? Did I give her that impression? She had asked me what I wanted and I couldn't tell her the truth after being friendzoned.

I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to fúck her senseless. Just so she could see just how unfriendly I had become towards her.

I think a breath of fresh air will do me nicely. I just needed to vent out my anger towards the situation. Actually, a breath of Keya will be fûcking perfect!

I couldn't well breath in this house. Not while there was a reeking lemon around the house making me even more hostile than I was feeling.

I couldn't breathe in my room either. It was filled with her. Her scent still lingered in my room and this only brought back the images of tasting her for the first time, images of my cøck being buried deep inside her.

She had closed her eyes through it all, but my eyes had been opened. I saw everything and it was fücking beautiful!

I wanted and needed her. So much it practically hurt to breath. Jeez, I was whipped. From the moment she blurted out, "Take my virginity" that was the end of me. In fact, if I thought about it more, I was a goner from the day I met her. She saved me then and to this day she continues to do so.

And yet after the explosive sex from last night, she still saw me as her friend.

Stop it, Kyle! You have to stop now before you explode.

Gym. That's what I needed. I hadn't worked out at all this week. I needed to burn more than just a few calories I gained. I needed to burn away these thoughts of Keya.


So what do yall think? Do you like it or nah...?

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