Chapter 9 - First of many

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"Where are you going?" Kyle asked me when I moved from his chair where I have been sitting with one foot up watching him play games in his Xbox.


He didn't look away from his game when he replied, " know where the towels are right?"

"Uh...yeah." I said, making my way towards his bathroom.

Once in there, I began foraging for a spare toothbrush and a spare towel which he stored in one of the cupboards. Finding the contents, I began cleaning myself from yesterday's sweat and grime, the result of partying and drinking excessively.

After finishing, I planned to dress in Kyle's sweats and t-shirt since my dress was inappropriate for casual outing. But, I couldn't do this without relieving my skin from being uncomfortably dry. Kyle never stored his skin cream in the bathroom. I knew, I had to go back in there, somehow. So, tying the towel firmly around my body, I walked towards the bathroom door.

Opening the door, I peaked in to see what he was doing. He was still absorbed in his game. I smiled because I knew he wasn't going to remove his eyes from that game no matter what.

So, with light and tentative steps, I made my way towards one of his side bed drawer where I grabbed the skin cream successfully.

I was about to dash backwards to the bathroom, when I heard his voice.

"What are you doing?" It was so sudden and unexpected. The fact that he was behind me startled me so much that I lost grip of my towel and the lotion I carried.

It happened like a flash. One minute, I had a towel to cover my naked body. The next, I was standing there, in front of him, shamefully bare.

Our gasps echoed each other's and while his eyes were raking all over my body, I was busy trying to snap out of my shock so that I would use my arms to cover my modesty.

Shit! I thought as I bit my lower lip, trying to avoid those boring eyes that were gleaming mischievously with the help of his smirk.

He licked his lips unconsciously and I wished he hadn't because it was that action that made me imagine how his tongue would feel like, doing amorous things to me.

I averted my eyes, shamefully staring at the floor. He didn't help my situation when he boldly approached me, moving so close, I ended up feeling heat radiating from his body.

My heart was pummelling my chest and I wondered if he could hear it.

But, he did something unimaginable.

One of his hands moved to tilt my chin up so that I was forced to look at him. The thumb stroking my chin burned the skin there.

"Why are you ashamed, Keya?" He asked, shocking me once more by his boldness.

Well if you haven't noticed my whole body is exposed for you to see! I answered him in my mind.

"You shouldn't be," he continued, when I didn't reply his inquiry

He released my chin only for both of his hands to start at the base of my neck, slowly tracing down to my shoulders and arms. His touch seemed to leave sizzling tingles in their wake.

"Ky—" My voice was barely audible as I protested. He shushed me before I could continue.

He then took hold of both of my arms that were shielding where I didn't want him see. He tugged on them so that I was forced to expose myself to him. I looked away when I felt his eyes boring unto my chest, his emeralds scorching me from head to toe.

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