Silently Falling

Silently Falling

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*Completed as of September 6, 2016*
Highest Ranking: #17 in Teen Fiction

After one horrific night in ninth grade, Raine Winter lost her voice and became the known mute. 

After one game changing event, West Love got sent to juvie and became the town's delinquent. 

With the traumatizing night that stole her voice still plaguing Raine's mind, she was never able to get her voice back. She learned sign language to communicate, and her brother and closest friends learned it along with her. She became accustomed to the style and the reputation, until the towns infamous bad boy delinquent came back to school. He's cocky, mysterious, and undoubtedly sexy.

He found an interest in Raine, but not just because of her lack of a voice. He has no trouble annoying her to death with his constant smirks and flirtatious attitude, but will he have trouble making her fall for him? 

Fate has a funny way of bringing people together, but it doesn't always work how it's supposed to. 


"This story caught my attention from the first chapter. The story line is extraordinary and unique, and I've already fallen in love with the characters. You give them each a distinct personality that readers can't help but love. This is a must read." -ThoseWhoDont

"This book is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it on Wattpad." -AKRathan

"You are an amazing writer and I absolutely adored this book." -drewpb

"Perfect ending." -TaylorxTaterxTot

"I need to say that I really love this book. Every word has a different emotion and every chapter is exciting to read. I just wanted to take a moment to say that, because this book gives me the feels. Amazing job." ---pluviophile--

alixsarah alixsarah 4 days ago
THANK YOU! Why would a parent suddenly turn psychotic and angry at the kids
ThoseWhoDont ThoseWhoDont 4 days ago
Nice connection. Ariel can't speak- Raine can't speak
                              I never noticed that the first time I read this 😊
NickiLewinsky19 NickiLewinsky19 2 days ago
This Book Reminds Me Of The Book And Movie Called "Speak". If Youve Never Read It Or Watched The Movie I Higly Recommend That Yuh Do
fairygawdmother fairygawdmother 3 days ago
ThoseWhoDont ThoseWhoDont 4 days ago
I literally can't believe how far you've come since I first read this story! I remember when I was one of like 2 other people who commented, now you've got thousands!
kitten2412 kitten2412 4 days ago
Its sweet how she learned it too I mean that's true friendship right there