Chapter 13 - Succumbing

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If you haven't already heeded my warning, just be aware that this chapter will contain, Very strong language and Sexual content throughout! Read at your discretion!


The rain was still pouring daggers by the time Kyle pulled over at his driveway. I guess it made sense that we were at his house instead of mine, his was close. He opened his door and began running over to his porch. I opened my door and followed him.

I didn't know how I managed to get wet from the rain, but I did as the lacy part of my dress clung onto my legs. Kyle fumbled with his keys before opening the door. Once inside, he darted over to change the temperature of the house, while I ran upstairs to his bedroom. I took off my wet dress and threw it onto his bed and then I went over to his bathroom and instantly turned the shower on.

For fifteen minutes, I stayed under the water, still pondering over the events that had occurred. It was a hard knock on the bathroom door that snapped me out of it.

"Yeah?" I shouted over the running water.

"I have to pee, can I come in?"


"I have to pee!" He shouted behind the door.

"Uh...Okay?" I shouted back.

When I heard the door click close, I was only glad that the steam hid me perfectly behind his glass folding compartment. But, even knowing this didn't help the situation when the sound of Kyle peeing in the other room was heard over the pelting water from the shower.

Suddenly, the heat of the room increased rapidly, even more so than the steam, at the thought of Kyle being somewhat naked on the other side of the room. It alarmed me to think like this.

I turned off the shower, just so I could at least breathe.

"I put your dress in the dryer." He told me.

"Oh, thanks." I swallowed the thick lump in the throat.

I knew he was facing me, I could sense it.

"Why don't you get out?"

"Um...I'm waiting for you to leave."

"Oh, c'mon, I've already seen you naked." He had to remind of that day.

"Uh...pass me a towel."

"No-no, you have to come out just as you are."

"Kyle—" I began to protest, however, he wrenched the sliding compartment, exposing me before I was aware of it.

"Kyle!" I bellowed, instantly covering myself where I didn't want him to see.

He had a knowing smirk as he watched me, "Get out, it's my turn to shower."

I was left dumb-struck as he simply took his t-shirt off, unclasped his belt and kicked his jeans off, leaving only his boxers. My mouth was agape, more from the sight of his delicious body rather than his audacious act. He was trying so hard not to laugh, biting his lower lip to repress his grin.

"Are you gonna get out any sooner or are you still waiting for me to pull my boxers down?" He asked mischievously.

I shook my head at the thought. I was tempted, really tempted to keep on staring at him so that he could do just that. But, I forced my feet to move from the tub. One foot was out before I felt my body being lifted off.

I yelped in surprise, effectively releasing my hands from my modesty as I tried to push him. Kyle put me down and heatedly ogled at my exposed self, not hiding the fact that the sight of my body was turning him on. It was remarkable to watch his erection slowly increase, straining on his boxers.

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