Chapter 15 - This is Awkward.

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I returned home from Kyle's house feeling doubtful about our friendship. We both agreed that we wanted to stay friends, right? Well, he hadn't really showed me what exactly he wanted; I just assumed that he would agree with me that our friendship was more important.

I was getting confused at what I wanted; I knew that staying friends will be better for us even though I longed for him in many ways than I thought I would. The whole situation was getting into my head. I needed a breather. I needed to get my mind out of our situation before I exploded.

When I got home, my parents weren't there so I decided to go for a jog around the area. So for the next hour or so that's what I had done.

After showering the sweat from jogging, I was surprised to get a phone call from Sav demanding that we meet in front of the Cinema since there was a movie she wanted to watch.

I got ready for that. I wore a small navy blue skirt with lace stockings, along with a white sleeveless blouse. I met her precisely on time in front of the theatre. She squealed when she saw me, running to give me a brief hug as if we hadn't seen each other since forever.

"What movie are we gonna watch?" I asked as we got inside the theatre, instantly queuing for the tickets.

"You'll see. It's awesome. Vin Diesel is in it." She replied.

"Don't tell me its fast and furious 11 or something." I frowned.

She smacked my arm. "No. Ryland watched it the other day and couldn't stop talking about it. So I need to watch it."

I rolled my eyes, "Aren't you the doting girlfriend."

She gave a look that could kill.

I held my hands up as if in surrender.

"It better be good." I muttered low for her not to hear.

She caught on it anyway when she responded with, "You won't regret it. Trust me."

So for the next two hours or so, Sav forced me to watch this action/fantasy movie that had Vin Diesel as the main character. The movie was basic in my opinion, but because he was in it, it made everything hype.

We got out of the theatre and Sav was still aweing over the movie. We decided to hit Mccay's D for lunch.

I ordered a big mac because I missed eating a burger. I was slurping on milkshake and Sav was dipping her fries in ketchup, looking slightly anxious, when all of the sudden she blurted out,

"I kissed Ned yesterday."

I almost choked on the milkshake; my eyes bulged out as I stared at her in utter shock. "What?"

"Well, he kissed me." She slumped back in her seat and suddenly I saw the frustration she'd been holding.

"What?" I couldn't help but repeat. The shock of her statement was still ringing in my head.

"It just happened, okay." She sighed. "I was out shopping with Ryland yesterday and I saw Ned. I went up to him to ask him why he was so rude around me. So one minute we were arguing again and the next he was kissing me."

I gaped at her. "Savannah Biers!" I exclaimed her full name.

"I know." She buried her face in her hands.

"What about Ryland?"

"He didn't see. He was in the game store when it happened."

"Wow." I shook my head, still shocked.

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