Chapter 16 - Potent jealousy

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"Just pack anything...clothes to keep you warm at night though. You said you were going to get a tent, is that still happening?" Sav asked on the other end of the line.

"Yeah, I'm going shopping right now." I told her.

It was Friday morning. Because of the bank holiday, schools were closed. That was why Ryland had chosen this weekend to go camping. We were to leave today in the late afternoon.

I had a knack of leaving things to last minute; I was packing everything right now. I couldn't blame myself for being late though. I was extremely busy this week with school.

"Good. I already have a sleeping bag, you need get one for yourself. And food; something that will last. Ryland said that they had food but I wasn't sure." She told me.

I heard my mother's call downstairs

"Alright. Just text me the list so I won't forget."

"Seriously you should have done this, ages ago."

"Well sorry, I had other things do."

"Whatever. Just be ready by four. Remember, Ned's driving us."

"Yeah-yeah." I hung up the phone before she could lecture me some more.

I took my small bag and ran downstairs. I locked the house door before running to my mother's car where she was waiting inside.

"Did she tell you what you need?" She asked me as she began cruising out of our driveway.

I buckled my seat belt, replying her with a nod.

"You should stop leaving things to last minute. I always tell you this." She shook her head but she was facing the road.

"I know, but I was really busy."

"You didn't even tell us about this trip until yesterday. What if Teddy said no?"

I smiled, remembering how uncomfortable my father was yesterday when I brought up the trip. He immediately asked if there was going to be boys. He went on and on about the dangers of the woods, telling me to not wander off... etc. That had been his version of permitting me to go.

"I would've still convinced him." I grinned.

She shook her head again, but this time a smile contorted in her lips.

"I think he only agreed because you've been all about school-school-school this past few months. He wants you to have a break." She said.

I shook my head. " I went to some parties. I hung around too."

"You know what I mean."

"Mom, getting into medical school is not as easy as it was in your time. I need the credentials and if it means doing the extra just to get in, well—"

"I know." She nodded, cutting me off. "I know and I'm proud of you, Keya. I have no doubt at all that you won't get into any of those colleges you applied to."

I shrugged. "Any will do fine just as long as I get in."

"Speaking of credentials, I talked with Dr Wesley and he agreed to let you in to that internship."

I was genuinely surprised. I mean, it was just a few months ago when I made the decision to get into medical school. My decision was mostly based on how my mother loved her job—she inspired me—and also based on how I kept on acing my science subjects with straight A's.

When I told my parents my decision, they didn't take me seriously. When I asked Kelly if she could talk to one of her good friend, Dr Wesley, that I was interested in the internship he was holding during the summer, she seemed reluctant and doubtful that he would accept me since I will be fresh out of high school with little experience. Her doubt made me doubt too. But, she was mostly worried about me sacrificing my summer. She kept putting it off, saying some plans might come up in summer to prevent me from doing the internship.

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