Chapter 1 - Tension and Apprehension

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"Take my virginity," I demanded to my long time childhood best friend. Kyle Reyes.

"What?!" He choked on his drink, the liquid splattering down his chin and against his prominent jaw.

Fu-udge. I saw it now. What all those girls had been seeing.

Oh was it desperation to lose my virginity that I now saw my best friend as some sort of sex model? I mean this was Kyle; the boy who had almost chocked on his braces when I had first talked to him.

How times have changed since then.

In elementary school Kyle had been a geek; yes that clichéd fully glassed, mouth braced, smart dressed, hands always clutching books. He was intelligent.

It was during high school when the cannon exploded, figuratively, as if the universe had somehow shifted into another dimension. It was a shock for everyone. Kyle lost the braces and specs and with that removed, his appearance seemed dramatically altered.

He hadn't been ugly or unattractive before but without the glasses, his pale green eyes were magnified, mesmerising and pretty much making every girl swoon. The way he used his mouth: talking and smirking to reveal those sweet dimples of his that could make any girl fall in love with him.

His sandy brown smooth locks of hair were the first you noticed as he constantly ran his hands through it, making you want to run your hand through it.

Yes! I fully admit it now. He was hot.

But with his attractiveness came the popularity. However the thing I loved about Kyle—as a best friend—was that he talked to everyone and when I say everyone I meant literally everyone. He didn't care who you were. He didn't judge you for your appearance. The thing I loved most about him was that he actually doesn't seem to notice that he was hot, well most of the times he tried not to let his vanity get to him, but that always failed.

He slowly became one of the 'School Sex Appeal' and he wasn't even athletic.

But most importantly he was my best friend.

So, what am I doing, let alone thinking?

The words were uncontrollable when they left my mouth.

I was aware that I was seventeen and probably the only girl who was still a virgin. Yes, it did get to me when those girls flaunted and gossiped about their one night stands and sex life. I would always be just standing there awkwardly relishing their every word.

I mean, all the guys that I've been with had never reached second base with me and when I had begged them to, they thought I wasn't ready. "Like, who the fudge are you? You don't know what I want or need!" Is what I should have said to them.

Whilst Kyle had been busy enjoying his popularity, which his good looks came with, I was busy struggling to get laid. Ugh and that didn't even sound right.

With Kyle girls offered themselves willingly to him and well who was he to turn down good looking, hot girls? He was after all still a hormonal teenage with needs to be addressed. He was human after all.

Then there was me.

I was slightly awkward but while I was this, I didn't take sh!t from anybody because I wasn't insecure or unsure about myself.

Yes I may have crazy frizzy brown hair, courtesy of being mixed race.

And yes, I may have freakish greenish grey eyes which completely freaked some people out if I stared too hard. But with all this I was still me and I liked me. This awkward—sometimes antisocial but couldn't turn down the chance party—completely outrageous but totally down to earth, me.

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