Panic  { sterek }

Panic { sterek }

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destielinski By destielinski Updated Sep 02

Set after 5A:

Derek comes back to Beacon Hills to see his old friends in ruins. He tries to pick up the pieces as best he can, whilst trying to figure out his feelings for the hyperactive spaz that is Stiles Stilinski, whose life is in danger from Theo. He wants Stiles to become Void again, and Derek has to stop it, before he loses him forever.


4 Parts (so far)

1- Nogitsune (complete)
2- Vampire (complete)
3- Black eyes (complete)
4- Power

COVER BY: @darellylucero

@TheMagesticPotato was it bad that I laughed at Hayden's death
Liar !!!! Love Derek and nobody else !! And absolutly not a bear eater !!
Ohmyziamx Ohmyziamx Apr 26
Yea that part in the show annoyed the hell out of me, I hated how Scott "just" trusted Theo even tho his best friend said theo had a bad vibe
Yasssss bitch yasss. I wish he was in that season for real but whatever
TessNoelle TessNoelle Mar 27
Okay didn't Stiles get hurt by Donovan on his shoulder? I'm confused shouldn't that hurt him?!
I know I shouldn't say it but.... Did anyone notice that Stiles is acting like the girl of the couple?  😂😂😂