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Sciles Mpreg Book❤️ by SheIsTheWriter
Sciles Mpreg Book❤️by SheIsTheWriter
Scott and Stiles do fatherhood! **COMPLETED**
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Home (Sciles AU) by paris_girl22
Home (Sciles AU)by paris_girl22
It has been 10 years since Scott, Stiles and the rest of their friends graduated high school. Their lives went in completely different directions after high school, and...
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Jealous Is My Middle Name by MoodKillerxo
Jealous Is My Middle Nameby Dad
<<Sciles>> no spoilers for the story cause I have no idea what I'm doing I just think wattpad needs more sciles.
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You Are My Home (Thiam) Under Editing by inlovewitthemoney
You Are My Home (Thiam) Under PrettyLittlePsycho
this takes place somewhere in or after season 6 and it includes the following ships Sterek, Scisaac, Morey, Janny/Dackson , Malira ,Deucalion/Peter(maybe), Allydia, and...
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About Us by Firelonglast_68
About Usby Firelonglast_68
Stiles secretly have a crush on Scott but he's dating Allison. Stiles low key hates her but maybe one day Stiles bad luck turns around.
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Won't You Love Me Too? (BxB) (Mpreg) by StoryCreator56
Won't You Love Me Too? (BxB) ( StoryCreator56
Stiles had been in love with his childhood friend, Scott, since they were only 5. But the problem was, Scott has a girlfriend. As the years went by, his feeling grew lar...
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Son Of A Winchester  by killjoys_make_noize
Son Of A Winchester by Mad Max
It's a Teen Wolf and Supernatural crossover yay! Stiles gets kidnapped by a demon where Castiel finds him and takes him to the bunker. Concerned that their friend and Sc...
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Wrong Number {Sciles AU} by paris_girl22
Wrong Number {Sciles AU}by paris_girl22
Stiles Stilinski is a nobody. He's just one insignificant dot in this world, let alone high school. At least he has his best friends Malia Tate and Isaac Lahey to keep h...
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Sciles One Shots  by Run-And-Survive
Sciles One Shots by Kai with a k
Because there isn't enough Sciles on wattpad. * Might be spoilers * Trigger warning I guess (?) on some. * Cringy
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Remember me Scott.  by SabrinaHoran15
Remember me Scott. by Sabrina Renee :)
When Stiles is being erased from everyone's memory it's up to Scott to remember him and not let him go but how will he do if no one else remembers?
Sciles One Shots by JoeWinterIsAFish
Sciles One Shotsby "you are weird"
fluff of our favourite relation(ship).
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My best friends brother by Fandom_Happiness
My best friends brotherby Gigi
Stiles has had a crush on his best friends Scott brother since he can remember.But now that he's a senior in high school and Derek Scott's brother is a sophomore in coll...
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THROUGH THE DARKNESS by nogitsune419
Stiles is angry. Like really angry. His dad is at the hospital probably dying. Scott blames him for trying to survive. He and Malia are broken up. Theo is still running...
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Panic  { sterek } by destielinski
Panic { sterek }by -_-
Set after 5A: Derek comes back to Beacon Hills to see his old friends in ruins. He tries to pick up the pieces as best he can, whilst trying to figure out his feelings f...
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Goner by queen_siyera
Gonerby Bear
You're alone. He wasn't sure if he was trying to convince himself that the Nogistune was no longer with him. Or if he was letting himself know, without a doubt, that he...
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I'm fine. |stiles stilinski• by fandomstcries
I'm fine. |stiles stilinski•by fandomstcries
"Scott... I, I- I have cancer." I say, shutting my eyes, waiting nervously for his reaction. "What?" He asks, in disbelief. "Yeah, I have-"...
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Wolfnip by CaRtOoNiSt_LuV
Wolfnipby Ӏҽ ¢нαт вℓαи¢~
Stiles ,being the only human able to keep track with a pack of Supernaturals, is going to be a lot more busier in his day to day pack life. In his senior year, Stiles is...
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one shots (teen wolf) by blueflu
one shots (teen wolf)by Blueflu
teen wolf bxb one shots
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STEREK ONE SHOTS by stylesapril
STEREK ONE SHOTSby stylesapril
This is a boyxboy story. So if you don't like it don't read it. Sterek is real. I don't own Teen Wolf. Because if i did, Sterek is real would be a universal truth.
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The Fire Within by paris_girl22
The Fire Withinby paris_girl22
"I could have hurt you. I could have killed you without even meaning to." "I'll never leave you, Stiles. You could never hurt me." Stiles Stilinski...
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