Black and Blue

Black and Blue

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Dan is the senior that everyone looks up to, he is charming, witty and sometimes even nice. 

Phil is the sophomore that is constantly being bullied for being who he his, a boy who likes boys.

Roles seem to switch when Dan saves Phil's life, and finds himself falling for the younger boy. Dan is the new target for torment and beatings. But unlike Phil, Dan doesn't handle it very well, and finds himself spiraling downhill, with what seems like no way back to the top.

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elroo1120 elroo1120 Feb 17
I feel like if I was Dan’s mom I would be more inclined to ask if the poor kid was okay BEFORE asking if Dan had RUN HIM OVER (of all the things that could have like wtf is it a logical/common thing to happen with Dan???))but maybe that’s just me
extraordinarypml extraordinarypml Aug 25, 2017
It's already been clarified that this isn't Shane Dawson but I'm still gonna imagine it as him because it's easier lol
synaesthesiac synaesthesiac Aug 21, 2017
Where I come from, "had their way" basically means rape, or sometimes consensual frickle crackle but not often
jayisanemonobody jayisanemonobody Dec 26, 2017
*that... you may not know it, but you have a big fat crush on
CarolineCady CarolineCady Sep 22, 2017
Oh I was thinking you were talking about the Forrest fanfic. Everything is black and blue. But I meeeaaaaaan
morgana-_t morgana-_t Feb 01
You keep the head down to avoid stop them from choking on their blood, not to supply blood to the brain