Black and Blue

Black and Blue

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Dan is the senior that everyone looks up to, he is charming, witty and sometimes even nice. 

Phil is the sophomore that is constantly being bullied for being who he his, a boy who likes boys.

Roles seem to switch when Dan saves Phil's life, and finds himself falling for the younger boy. Dan is the new target for torment and beatings. But unlike Phil, Dan doesn't handle it very well, and finds himself spiraling downhill, with what seems like no way back to the top.

It's already been clarified that this isn't Shane Dawson but I'm still gonna imagine it as him because it's easier lol
But you want blood to go to your brain. 
                              If it doesn't it could cause serios problems.
to-exist to-exist Aug 21
Where I come from, "had their way" basically means rape, or sometimes consensual frickle crackle but not often
dizzytracob dizzytracob Jul 17
you fell asleep in my, car i drove the whole time
                              but that's okay, i'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine
I would happily let you throw your Calculus textbook at his face Dan
But thats okay I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine |-/