Figure It Out [Phan] by JawnnnnnAndSherly
Figure It Out [Phan]by chanandaler bong
[Completed] [Phan High School AU] Dan is the 'lonely emo' of the school, who sits back and listens to his music instead of making friends. Phil is the popular, always ha...
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Two Boys In Love (Phan) by mickaleena_
Two Boys In Love (Phan)by michaela
Dan. Your typical highschool nerd. Not popular. Few friends. One of the smartest boys in school, but he does have a few secrets. Phil. Your typical highschool jock. Very...
  • danieljameshowell
  • lester
  • highschool
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Connection (a phan soulmate au) by Meandmydivergence
Connection (a phan soulmate au)by .
(COMPLETED) since birth, everyone will have a red string tied to their ring finger. the red string leads to their soulmate. however, when dan howell was born, something...
  • alternateuniverse
  • phillester
  • fanfiction
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Finding the Phandom: A Dan and Phil AU by AmberIssues0
Finding the Phandom: A Dan and Amber
Phil Lester is a YouTuber who lives in London. He has a following of, just recently, 4 million people. He has been making a name for himself. He loves his job, but he is...
  • youtube
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emotions (phan)  by audrat
emotions (phan) by audrey
"The less you care, the happier you are." He turned to face me, his blue eyes dull with traces of betrayal. "No. The less you care, the lonelier you are...
  • youtuber
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Phan Oneshots by geniusotaku
Phan Oneshotsby Moona
Idk oneshots I write about phan xx
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  • angst
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Phan Smut (Nsfw)  by alien-cacti
Phan Smut (Nsfw) by ; Ivy ;
Warning: NSFW
  • howell
  • notsafeforwork
  • danandphilsmut
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Little Space Dan (Phan) by smolbabyblue
Little Space Dan (Phan)by >••<
It is in high school. There was a 17 year old boy named Dan who had just moved to the school. He had to move away from previous schools because of how much he was bullie...
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Nothing Burns Like the Cold (Phan) by worriedpeach
Nothing Burns Like the Cold (Phan)by Rachel
Phil Lester is 'special', having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy...
  • danisnotonfire
  • phanfiction
  • amazingphil
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stripper  ☻ phan by djspookyj
stripper ☻ phanby daddy
when phil lays eyes on one specific stripper things get heated -idea for this fic given to me by the ever so wonderful @bethseuphoria
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Royalty by prince-yoongi
Royaltyby El
~Prince!Dan, Soulmate AU~ Dan only has a year to get married, and his parents have arrange several balls to give him a chance to meet eligible women. The only problem is...
  • royalty
  • danandphil
  • danisnotonfire
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Accept me. by meganhowlter
Accept Megan Howlter
Dan and Phil, the couple nobody accepts. Dan being the cool football player and Phil being as wholesome as he can, but somehow still gets all the bullying. All they want...
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  • danielhowell
  • phillester
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It was just one kiss (Dan X Phil) by TaylahWayla
It was just one kiss (Dan X Phil)by TaYlAh
Dan and Phil went to film PhilIsNotOnFire 8 but after one question it all went down hill.
  • phil
  • howell
  • danxphil
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Dan Howell Imagines by depressedSummer
Dan Howell Imaginesby Summer
Dan howell imagines because he's daddy af. Warning, there is cringy smut and just cringy Imagines, enjoy. ?MY DAN HOWELL IMAGINES TWO IS OUT THIS BOOK IS FINISHED!? High...
  • whiskers
  • sugg
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Tinder - DJH ✓ by yuhsuga
Tinder - DJH ✓by —with love, gem
COMPLETED {editing} Based on Dan's video, "Would you date THE REAL Dan?" but it takes a twist. Said video has since been deleted due to an user request to Tind...
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Speak up already - Phan by geniusotaku
Speak up already - Phanby Moona
Phil doesn't talks. Well, not anymore. The last time he said something, was when he didn't hate himself. And that was a long time ago. But now, everything is different...
  • fluff
  • angst
  • amazingphil
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Can't Be Saved - Adopted by Dan and Phil by EliseUnique73
Can't Be Saved - Adopted by Dan E.J. Hart
(Okay, I know that this has been writing so many times over, but this is my version.) Addi is 14, an orphan and her only role models are Dan and Phil. She has a habit of...
  • danandphiladopt
  • phần
  • phillester
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Bully // Phan au by minyoongisgummysmile
Bully // Phan auby old account
Dan is bullied, Phil is a bully Finished October 31st 2016 All rights reserved @midnightphanfic 2016 {trigger warning! Don't read if you're triggered by physical + verb...
  • phillester
  • lgbtq
  • danhowell
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Better Than Me by floofdjh
Better Than Meby avery 🌙
Dan Howell is a camboy. At only eighteen, he's already become popular on many porn websites and has been involved with a magazine. Desiring for someone to trust to creat...
  • danandphil
  • phanfic
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Dan Howell imagines TWO by depressedSummer
Dan Howell imagines TWOby Summer
Dan Howell imagines because he's gorgeous Highest ranking: Number 2 in danhowell
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