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Just by Chance- Phan AU

Just by Chance- Phan AU

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JustAnotherFicWriter By JustAnotherFicWriter Completed

Dan is that kid. The popular boy that every girl swoons over, that everyone wants to be friends with, the boy that's a complete jerk to anyone lower on the totem pole. But deep down, he's just trying to hide and ignore his own secret- that he's gay.

Phil is Dan's usual target. Openly gay, awkward, and nerdy, he seems to be easily bullied. He's always too afraid to say anything and would rather stay in the background and get through high school and go to university. 

When Dan's grades slip 🔚 he needs to bring them up or else repeat his senior year, Phil is assigned to tutor Dan. It seems to be a terrible coincidence that the two are brought together, but it's so much more.

Thank you @tissuesfortheissues for this amazing cover 

Highest ranking: 450 in fanfiction

Mentions of self harm and suicide

You love him so much 
                              I think he is just for you
                              Da da da da da 
                              Please some one understand me😂😂
BonnieKun1 BonnieKun1 Mar 13
the chapter is short, but I can already imagine Dan's personality oin this FanFic. I'm REALLY exited. Please continue... FOREVER!
I shouldn't be proud of that, but it's better then a D-. Also can we talk about how their changing the results on the GCSEs from letters to numbers... so like a c is now a 3....
not THAT loser give me an ugly loser so i can talk to him without jizzing my pants GOD MOM
*holds up opera binoculars*Oooooh girl, you did NOT just go there
Why does pda bother the principal? Why does he care about that lol