Off to Neverland

Off to Neverland

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McKenna By MP13Girl Completed

Ivy is a poor, misunderstood girl who isn’t afraid to stick up for herself. The Lost Boys are four wealthy boys that are used to getting whatever they want. Mix them together, and the results could be disastrous.

Neverland Academy is an intimidating private school for wealthy teens only. This is the last place Ivy wants to go to school, but it’s either a snooty school with snobby kids or a military school with a bunch of troublemakers. Ivy is lucky enough to go to the school on a scholarship, but that doesn’t mean that she or the other students are happy about it. 

With her almost fearless outer persona, her true fragile personality hidden, she catches The Lost Boys’ attentions right away, and she isn’t sure if that’s a good thing. She's about to find out how tough she really isn't.

CreeperXGirl CreeperXGirl Jul 21, 2016 04:19AM
B-but but I look like a biker chick too, Cassidy has no respect for our style
cat1052271 cat1052271 Jul 19, 2016 04:33AM
I would love a pair of shoes like that. But nooo, my mom buys me a cheap type of vans and converse. -_-
Andiii- Andiii- Aug 27, 2016 02:20AM
Omg jersey shore use to be my favorite show, it's so old now tho.
novellanerdy novellanerdy Jul 27, 2016 05:22PM
Yass Ivy looks good then since she looking like a biker chick
grungequeen586 grungequeen586 Aug 08, 2016 04:51AM
omg wow that picture is so useful and im so thankful for it😂😂