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Off to Neverland by MP13Girl
Off to Neverlandby McKenna
Ivy is a poor, misunderstood girl who isn't afraid to stick up for herself. The Lost Boys are four wealthy boys that are used to getting whatever they want. Mix them tog...
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Watch your mouth by HannahProverbs_
Watch your mouthby Proverbs xia
I tried to make myself prettier for him. More lady like for him. Smile more for him. I didn't even have him. He didn't even want me. But here I am killing myself because...
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Every Last Word by getgroovy
Every Last Wordby rebecca
In which Ellis Hollington returns to Kensington Academy with towering Prada heels and cruel intentions longer synopsis inside!
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Return to Neverland by MP13Girl
Return to Neverlandby McKenna
Ebony Reynolds goes to Neverland Academy, a prestigious high school for teens who come from wealthy backgrounds. She is close friends with the Lost Boys, the four wealth...
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Rich Kids  by I_try_to_read01
Rich Kids by I_try_to_read01
People think rich kids have it easy. Which in a way they do. They never have to worry about food, the phone bill, and any bill for that matter. But something they do hav...
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Love Or War Academy(On Going) by Loveluststories
Love Or War Academy(On Going)by Loveluststories
A girl who DOESN'T CARE vs The guy who MORE THAN DOESN'T CARE??? Do they going to fight the LOVE against the WAR Or Do they going to WAR because of LOVE?? Kahit gaano pa...
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Prestigious High by ramenn_
Prestigious Highby Lia
Prestigious High is a no bs, 'straight to the point' kind of school, with 'straight to the point' kind of students. I mean seriously, look at the name of the school... F...
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The Ordinary Princess ♚ by SmileeAngel
The Ordinary Princess ♚by SmileeAngel
"It has been reported as of today that Prince Evander will be attending Einstein Academy this year as a senior student." "Brianna, Isn't that your school...
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Prestigious by CydneyLawson
Prestigiousby CydneyLawson
(BOOK THREE OF THE LAST OF THE FALLEN TRILOGY) Charlie never learns. Since he found the only thing worth finding, he's been doing nothing but fighting to hold onto her...
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Trouvaille by xsibellax
Trouvailleby scarletina
trouvaille: (n.) something lovely discovered by chance; a windfall *extended description inside*
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A Prestigious Downfall by HarlynRose
A Prestigious Downfallby Mari (霖霖)
A short story (fillled with idioms) of the scenario of a student transfering to a prestigious foreign university.
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Identity Swap (On Hold) by OmbreKagami
Identity Swap (On Hold)by OmbreKagami
When Victoria Martin, daughter of a billion dollar company, approaches Sage Clark to swap identities offering her 10 million dollars to do so, who would decline? Sage t...
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Vampire Hierarchy  by datisbs
Vampire Hierarchy by datisbs
Having been a three-year old human kid bizarrely thrown at the doorsteps of a typical middle-class vampire family, Aella desperately tries to cling onto any hazy swirls...
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Danced Her Heart Away by Loved_One
Danced Her Heart Awayby Stephanie
Roeville Academy of the Creative Arts is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country. It's different from most schools, because it values art over number...
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Team Spirit by _XxUnbreakablexX
Team Spiritby _XxUnbreakablexX
“Hera, I’m sorry to say this but…” she paused, pity evident on her face. “You won’t be able to play football anymore.” Those eight words caused my entire world to fall a...
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My Tiara Is Under The Floorboards by Fire_Burning_Bright
My Tiara Is Under The Floorboardsby Emma
'Clementina Kettington' became my name when the rebels threatened my country. As Princess Annabelle of Lorlea, it was my duty to ensure that I was safe from the rebels...
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Everwood High by sistersjournals
Everwood Highby Deb&Grace
Four girls go to a prestigious private school filled with new scandals and old money. This is not a normal high school. It's filled with more backstabbing than pep ralli...
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Facing Rejection by invisible_line34
Facing Rejectionby Louiza Amr
Bad girl Alyssa comes back home after eight years and has to face the judging looks of her parents.
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The Anarchists by sarcasticprincess
The Anarchistsby Jade
Phyllis is not your average girl. She's rich, gorgeous, trustworthy, loyal, kind...and loves to kick guys' asses. Bringing her to the reason why she's being sent off to...
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Phoenix Fox Gang V.S XCelebrity Reader & Friends by AshleyIsGaming1
Phoenix Fox Gang V.S XCelebrity Ashley Writer
THIS IS THE THIRD TIME I TYPED THIS IT WON'T SAVE I CLICKED SAVE TOO Y/N, Albert, Keria, and Valerie all think it will be another year at their high school, but what hap...
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