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All I was asking for were directions, instead I got a bad boy to annoy the heck out of.

Who am I you ask? Well, I'm Sydney Carson and I'm the girl the bad boy of Dayton High hates. At least that's what he keeps on telling himself. 

And, who may this bad boy be? The one and only Jeremy Lloyd. You heard right folks. The guy with the British accent, dreamy gray eyes, brown tousled hair, and a six pack you could only dream of touching. 

If any one asks, you didn't hear that last part from me.

What did I do to make the bad boy hate me? Well, lets just say that I follow him everywhere 24/7, I pull off some pranks here and there, but mostly, I annoy him.

I just wanted a friend. 

He just wanted me to leave him alone.

I was stubborn.

He was irritated.

What made us stick by each other?

Let's just say there's more to this story than you think.
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itzvaeh itzvaeh May 02
I really want her to get that coffee or whatever it was out of her bag before it spills
MiracleFBrown MiracleFBrown Aug 09, 2016
Nope I would get a pan and he would have feel some real pain.
mikiminach mikiminach Aug 06, 2016
Why don't you go to the fuckingg police ?? Have you thought of that ??
kimmy_123_d kimmy_123_d Sep 07, 2016
Oh ....so yall make one nigga bring u down so easily....not in my world....ooh hell nah ....my motto is "never go down without a fight".......
ZAX876 ZAX876 Dec 24, 2016
Wow....This..Is......a.....Masterpiece so dark and so much emotion luv it you definitely will be an author some day hope the best for you good luck 😉
The_Unforgiven_Soul The_Unforgiven_Soul Dec 29, 2016
*waves back enthusiastically*   And I will enjoy the rest of this story!