Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter

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Nina Malikyar By creamcheesefrosting Updated Apr 29, 2016

She looked over at him with tears in her eyes before whispering, "In this cookie cutter world, you are either this or that; nothing in between, nothing of a mixed breed,"

At the Sacred Heart Charter School, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in North America, there lies a social hierarchy. Think Mean Girls, amplified. There are many young men who are considered to be King but there is only one Queen, simply because she terrifies everyone.

When a new student arrives, it's safe to say that the cookie cutter world amuses him, and that's coming from the boy who has grown up in the Upper East Side of New York City. Soon enough, he makes it his mission to destroy everything "cookie cutter"-esque about this small bubble they call the world, but it's hard to take down a Queen who has no disloyal subjects from the fear she injects in their hearts.

Starburst8642 Starburst8642 Feb 18, 2016
Um in reality you don't really need to be from recognisable ancestors to get into the school
graceisgone graceisgone Mar 24, 2016
Cocks....dear lord someone save me from my dirty mind. (Wait they're red?!!)
marquita16 marquita16 Oct 10, 2016
Wow with a name like that the only regionals you'll win are the masturbation wars
mrsdamonsalv mrsdamonsalv Jul 21, 2016
No self respecting human being refers to their father as "Daddy" and proceeds to complain about how his bribery skills weren't enough to get her into the school. This girl is the worst😂😂😂
athenianwitchonfire athenianwitchonfire Dec 04, 2015
lol red cocks... i need some holy water, or alcohol, either one will do
_loveme_iknowyoudo_ _loveme_iknowyoudo_ Nov 28, 2015
aww. I wanted to be a teacher. :( it doesn't matter that i don't have a degree or anything. xD