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Trending | A Love Story Told Through Social Media by Shamwowzerr
Trending | A Love Story Told Throu...by Shammy
Justin Bieber, celebrity heartthrob, once again took to instagram looking for the name of a beauty he found online-- only this time it was none other than the up-and-com...
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Unforgivable  by PureSoul007
Unforgivable by Heidi
Family is the most important thing in the world. But what happens when that is threatened? Allison Parker is a 17 year old werewolf. With her birthday coming up things a...
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Heiress by xXjessicaaaXx
Heiressby Jessica :D
Mikaela Dunsenburg is the 20 year old heir to her family's luxury car company and not to mention a major celebrity. But Mikaela's life is anything but perfect! Famous ac...
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drownding by fox36843
drowndingby fox36843
the stories about a girl named Miku going through difficult thing's in life I added some Creepypasta :)
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CYANIDE by HasbiAdamoh
"Hollywood actress Michelle Rivera was found dead on the bathroom floor of her twenty-five million dollar apartment at 6:30 this morning" Living the life of an...
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     by CatherineZhao702
by CatherineZhao
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Dating on the Dork Side -- SAMPLE by DarcyVance
Dating on the Dork Side -- SAMPLEby DarcyVance
Come to the Dork Side ... we have cookies. This is a sample of my newest book, DATING ON THE DORK SIDE, written with my co-author and word bestie, Charity Tahmaseb. Beca...
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AstroTurf Missionary by claudiamcneilly
AstroTurf Missionaryby claudiamcneilly
A young woman cheats on her boyfriend with a celebrity and moves to New York to forget him, where she ends up falling in a strange sort of love.
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The A-List by Misfitprincess173
The A-Listby Misfitprincess173
Meet the new Hollywood Royalty. Amelie, the not-so-innocent starlet; Myla and Ash, the golden couple; Jacob, the geek turned hottie;and JoJo,the putsider who'll do anyth...
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Friendiversary (DISCONTINUED) by angel_4life1
Friendiversary (DISCONTINUED)by Angel_4life1
Two best friend have their 6th year friend day
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Default Title - Write Your Own by artist102
Default Title - Write Your Ownby artist102
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THE FOOL by IneffableMisery_
THE FOOLby eunice
"A high-society tragedy. That's what we'll call this." The Nobles, painted with gold and sculpted with artistry. All with the weight of the expectations on the...
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Life Ends Another Begins by Jayden245
Life Ends Another Beginsby Jayden
This story might blow your mind
Loving April Fields by hollypulley
Loving April Fieldsby hollypulley
A new girl, in a new town, who's life is about to get all shaken up when she meets the towns bad boy.
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