Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} #Wattys2016

Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} #Wattys2016

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|COMPLETED| *A Vampire!Eren x Levi FanFiction*

A unique rose that wilts, unless the love behind it fades.

* * *
Note: I do not own any of the characters from Attack on Titan, I only own the plot that will help fit into my story line.
Warning: Slight cursing/swearing, yaoi, mature content. READ AT OWN RISK!

Book One of the Crimson Rose series

  • ackerman
  • eren
  • ereri
  • jaeger
  • levixeren
  • lévi
  • modern
  • riren
  • vampire
  • yaoi
-SplitPersonality- -SplitPersonality- Jul 22, 2017
Me waiting for a new season to an anime or show or a sequel to a video game
Omnivore-_- Omnivore-_- Mar 13, 2017
Sexual OffenderMan...!!!...!... 
                              & Jyugo-Kun because I feel like he's always looking at me & his boyfriends lustfully.
Death_Upon_Me Death_Upon_Me May 29, 2017
Eren glances at Levi's ass.
                              Eren is filled with determination.
CatsKillsTheChildren CatsKillsTheChildren Oct 26, 2017
Or you could take my favorite route and try to kill it XD and if its to powerful then oops XD
Omnivore-_- Omnivore-_- Mar 13, 2017
You don't pick up roses when strange men drop them otherwise they comeback to kill you while making you feel good. 
                              If anyone gets this I'll give you all the ros-cookies