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Erens First Love by SabrielBlackHeart
Erens First Loveby SabrielBlackHeart
⭐️Top Ranking⭐️ #1 in ERERI (#1 bottomeren)(#1 toplevi)(#16riren) I'm completely blown away thank you all so much for your support. I truly never thought I would rank in...
"So Levi, who you texting?" by Ember6812
"So Levi, who you texting?"by Ember6812
Levi goes to a party at Hanji's apartment and keeps receiving texts throughout the night. The others get suspicious and during truth or dare they dare Levi to invite ov...
We're Brothers. by LevixErenKitty
We're Brothers.by LevixErenKitty
With a mixed family, Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman must now live together. The marriage of Kenny Ackerman (Levi's uncle) and Carla Yeager (Eren's mother). Things are dif...
Only Human (riren/ereri) by Chillycheesefrys
Only Human (riren/ereri)by Chillycheesefrys
Triggers- self harm, suicide, depression 12/3/18 3/23/20 Hey guys! Just a reminder that this is not my book this belongs to fluffykitty12 on fan fiction. I just wanted t...
Protection *Ereri* by NeedForShigu
Protection *Ereri*by Emma
Eren is being stalked by his ex- boyfriend, Jean. So, he hires Levi to protect him.
Summer Changed Me by Kris_wolf_cos
Summer Changed Meby Kris_wolf_cos
Eren is a freshman with passing grades but he was picked on a lot, his crush Levi Rivaille a sophomore was the most popular kid in school, but he keeps rejecting Eren. F...
Wings (Levi x Eren)||Attack on Titan Soulverse AU by AnimaX_07
Wings (Levi x Eren)||Attack on Tit...by It's AnimaX
Everybody is born with a single wing. One can only be truly free after they grow their second wing, if and only if they finally meet their soulmate. Attack on Titan Soul...
my misterous roommate  by leviscum0
my misterous roommate by jikook is my life UwU
This story is based on aot characters if u don't ship ereri then pls don't watch this Eren is 24 and Levi is 26 years old They both live in the same house so basically t...
Is This Love? by GhostFroggy
Is This Love?by Toby
Eren tries to find out if Levi actually loves him or is their relationship is a joke... (I suck at writing stories)
The king's Omega by Human_weeb_trash
The king's Omegaby ‌
Eren is a 17 Omega who is looking for his mate. He lives with his abusive father and adoptive sister. Erens father Grisha allows Mikasa (his adoptive sister) to rape him...
One Last Kiss {EreRi/RiRen} by heichoulevii
One Last Kiss {EreRi/RiRen}by heichoulevii
Attack On Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin Eren x Levi EreRi/RiRen *boyxboy* [ Setting: Time of the Titans ] Levi and Eren experienced feelings for each other that they had ne...
Riren oneshots (Mostly smut) by Jimin-95-bias
Riren oneshots (Mostly smut)by Jimin-95-bias
This is just going to be a few oneshots/fan fiction of the Ereri ship. Recommendations are appreciated. This is mostly gonna be uke Eren, but if any of you suggest uke...
Remember Me (ereri) by aprilaesthetic
Remember Me (ereri)by buni
At the age of 5, Eren moved to a new town called Eldia. He thought for sure he'd hate moving there until he met his new neighbor, Levi Ackerman, who was 13. Both their p...
2019 years (Slow Update ) by devilfromhell1
2019 years (Slow Update )by devilfromhell1
When Eren open his eyes again. Everyone was already gone. *Started on 10/4/18* This is my first Riren book. Slow update...
Semi-rough treatment💖 (full finished story) by luckyRedGem
Semi-rough treatment💖 (full finis...by coldest
hello again guys.ok i know i have been out of the game for too long .so let me be clear before we start.this story has a lot of warnings like(crossdressing.non bindary.g...
Smile [ereri] {eren x Levi} discontinued  by emoBoIgeekXD
Smile [ereri] {eren x Levi} discon...by A fellow geek
Eren- 17 years old Levi- 15 years old Eren has two best friends mikasa and armin Mikasa has the biggest crush on eren but eren is into boys Mikasa never really talks...
50 Photos by Lilanimegirlwith223s
50 Photosby 2019 drip
Levi Ackerman has a fear of being touched which is a fear known as Haphephobia. Even the slightest touch will make him flinch or shiver. Why does he have this fear? He d...
Fifty shades of riren by QueenOfRiren
Fifty shades of rirenby Queen of Riren~
Levi Ackerman. Founder and owner of Ackerman industry's, it's a world known fashion industry, I'm the assistant of Levi. He's my soulmate and I am his. Forever.
My Little Titan | Ereri |  by ANIMEWIFEE
My Little Titan | Ereri | by ✨I AM A SIMP✨
Ereri Manga /Eng/ by Asanokura
Ereri Manga /Eng/by Sakura Asano
❗Do not Repost❗ Ranking : #33 - Yeager 25.04.21 #45 - riren 27.04.21