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The king's Omega by Human_weeb_trash
The king's Omegaby Blank
Eren is a 17 Omega who is looking for his mate. He lives with his abusive father and adoptive sister. Erens father Grisha allows Mikasa (his adoptive sister) to rape him...
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Daily Lives of a College Couple  by delaneyleonard
Daily Lives of a College Couple by d e l a n e y
Eren is a 18 year old freshman attending NYU who could bust a fat nut from 3 things: pastel colors, art, and his sexy upperclassman boyfriend, Levi. This is basically go...
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Only Human (riren/ereri) by Chillycheesefrys
Only Human (riren/ereri)by Chillycheesefrys
Triggers- self harm, suicide, depression 12/3/18 3/23/20 Hey guys! Just a reminder that this is not my book this belongs to fluffykitty12 on fan fiction. I just wanted t...
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Fifty shades of riren by QueenOfRiren
Fifty shades of rirenby Queen of Riren~
Levi Ackerman. Founder and owner of Ackerman industry's, it's a world known fashion industry, I'm the assistant of Levi. He's my soulmate and I am his. Forever.
Street Brat (Ereri) by monsoondownpour
Street Brat (Ereri)by Monsoon
Having been on the streets with his sister from a young age, Eren is used to skirting around the law to get by. He'd long since discarded any childhood dreams of joining...
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Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔} by MyLoveEren
Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔}by ⚠️INACTIVE ACCOUNT⚠️
Eren is a single parent omega who owns a tavern in his home town, shiganshina. He struggles to keep both his son's and his true identity hidden from his ruthless mate wh...
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ALTIVOLUS (Ereri) by BrightEyesEren
ALTIVOLUS (Ereri)by ☆ Inactive ☆
Walking down the street, you'll notice that everyone- no matter the age, sex, or race- has wings. They're meant to be extravagant, beautiful, stunning, all so you can at...
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Protection *Ereri* by NeedForTinCan
Protection *Ereri*by Emma
Eren is being stalked by his ex- boyfriend, Jean. So, he hires Levi to protect him.
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"So Levi, who you texting?" by Ember6812
"So Levi, who you texting?"by Ember6812
Levi goes to a party at Hanji's apartment and keeps receiving texts throughout the night. The others get suspicious and during truth or dare they dare Levi to invite ov...
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My favourite sickness|ERERI/RIREN| by Ereri-Fanatics
My favourite sickness|ERERI/RIREN|by Ereri-Fanatics
This is an Ereri fan fiction in the Omegaverse. Tall!Levi x Short!Eren Don't like? Don't read c:
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My Idiot Titan Boyfriend by LastMinuteCosplay
My Idiot Titan Boyfriendby Oliver 先輩
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Ereri lemons and one-shots by lukebryangirl555
Ereri lemons and one-shotsby Gladiolover55❤
This fanfic is going to be Levi x Eren one-shots.
The Boy With Scars  by EmilyDragon927
The Boy With Scars by EmilyDragon927
(Ereri)(High school AU)So Levi is in the upper class as a senior and Eren is a sophmore. Levi and Eren have a run in one day and they started to click , but what Levi di...
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Reminisce Rumours {Riren/Ereri} by TrashcanQueen15
Reminisce Rumours {Riren/Ereri}by 👑👑👑
High School AU After seriously pissing off his teacher and being sent off on an errand, Eren is delivering a note to a fellow teacher when he finds an unfamiliar boy st...
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The trans boy  by UwUAnnaOwO
The trans boy by UwUAnnaOwO
Eren is a trans boy who's father doesn't expect who he truly is his father then dies in an accident and his mother let's him be himself, he has many struggles but soon h...
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His Highness's Lover by UchihaAlisha
His Highness's Loverby Uchiha Alisha
LOVE IS BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND PAINFUL❤️💔 King Levi Ackerman is the cold and ruthless king who rules Sina kingdom. He later falls in love with innocent commoner Eren Yeager...
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Heichou Loves Me?! by 8Deaththekid565
Heichou Loves Me?!by 8Deaththekid565
Levi had been in love with Eren for a while, and after being caught finding a love letter in Levis drawer, Eren is faced with a punishment, later leading to a long and b...
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Babysitter at Seventeen // ERENxLEVI [fluff] by welpx4
Babysitter at Seventeen // ERENxLE...by K
Eren fucked up... REAL BAD. After a good ass time at a party, the boy woke up hung over, covered in drool, and with a massive headache... Also in his own house... With h...
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The Wings of Love (Ereri/Riren boyxboy) by AttackOnRiren
The Wings of Love (Ereri/Riren boy...by AttackOnRiren
Levi Ackerman; humanity's finest, in more ways than just a soldier. Petra Ral has a massive crush on Levi Ackerman, and all her friends agree that they should become a c...
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Control by Human_weeb_trash
Controlby Blank
Levi is the leader of the world's most powerful mafia called the scouts. He will kill who ever gets in his dept he doesn't care if there friends or family. Erens mother...
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