Seven Mistakes {Completed}

Seven Mistakes {Completed}

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Savvy By TheRiverRunsDeep Completed

Seven has been in my life since I was little. He was my childhood crush and my best friend's brother. I never dated Seven, maybe, it was because I was nerdy and not the long legged girls he clung too.

But you see, that was how Seven was in the past and when he re-enters my life several years later, I can't help but swoon over him once more ... Yet, there are a few problems, like how I'm dating his brother  ... oh and not to mention Seven is engaged... 

.. Just my luck... 

To make it worse, I keep making costly mistakes with Seven.

Some of which, I can never take back...

~~Mistakes One: Getting a makeover so I can look like the kinds of girls he likes.

~~Mistake Two: Trying to get him to like me.

~~Mistake Three: Going to his house in the middle of the night, crying.

~~Mistake Four: Kissing him.

~~Mistake Five: Taking him by the hand and leading him to his room.

~~Mistake Six: Taking off our cloths.

~~Mistake Seven: Having sex with him.

And you see, it is really far too late to turn around. That much I knew when I stared down at a printed sheet that read positive...

At least she didn't get lied to for the duration of her childhood...
shyanne899 shyanne899 May 24
There is no wrong or right to this. On one hand she can't say santa clause, the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy when her parents say I don't know who you learn from to be a liar. But on the other hand it was away to keep infant minds at ease not to show them hard life
XxRiah916Xx XxRiah916Xx Jun 04
I hate when ask that "why do you like him?" Bitch cause I can tf 💀💀💀
CreepTonite07 CreepTonite07 Dec 30, 2016
I keep reading Seven's name as Sven bc i'm more used to that name than this odd one. HA! Get it? Odd? Because it's not even? No? Okay....
peaches4747 peaches4747 Dec 20, 2016
That is so sad. Someone needs to take her parents out behind the barn.
kytellon kytellon Jul 10, 2015
He doesn't date her because he knows she deserves a lot better since she is a nice and sweet girl