Dear Readers,

Here are some things about me:

1) I <3 G-D!

2) I <3 LIFE! (The good and the bad times. Every moment reminds me I'm alive).

3) I've awesome friends!

4) I <3 monkeys!

5) I'm sarcastic.

6) I <3 making people laugh or smile.

7) I <3 spearmint gum! ... Well, actually anything that tastes like spearmint.

8) I'm random.

9) Sophomore in college (2015-2016)

10) Writing is my everything!

11) I <3 listening to music, it inspires me.

12) I <3 the smell of Lavender.

13) I'm a movie and television addict. Seriously, I watch a thousand shows, like:
-^- Elementary -^- Vampire Diaries -^- 12 Monkeys -^- The Mindy Project -^- Once Upon a Time -^- Suits -^- 2 Boke Girls -^- Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D -^- The Blacklist -^- The Originals -^- Brooklyn Nine-Nine -^- Flash -^- Shark Tank -^- Jane the Virgin -^- Shadowhunter... etc

14) I <3 the moon

15) I <3 planning things

16) I <3 my family

17) Right now, I'm addicted to Mayday Parade (the band)

18) I'm a hopeless romantic

19) In 1st grade, I went through a Hello Kitty phase. It was bad ... EVERYTHING was Hello Kitty .... over it now, though

20) Grew up watching Danny Phantom, Kids Next Door, Kim Possible, Phil of the Future, CatDog, That So Raven, Fairy Odd-Parents and The Nanny ... Still watch them when they come on!

21) I'm a natural born klutz. If there is a hole, I will fall in it. If there is a pole, best believe I'll walk into it...

22) I once confused a Burger King sign with a full moon ... no, joke...

23) Currently writing in: "Take Me Home" and "I Choose You"

24) I hope you like my stories!

Love ya,

P.S - NOT TAKING READING REQUESTS, unless they are finished (romance) books!

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TheRiverRunsDeep TheRiverRunsDeep Nov 22, 2015 05:20AM
Fear no more, I am writing a chapter in "Take Me Home". With school and work, I might not be able to update in a while. But, hey, at least I am writing!!
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