Dear Readers,

Here are some things about me:

1) I <3 G-D!

2) I <3 LIFE! (The good and the bad times. Every moment reminds me I'm alive).

3) I <3 monkeys!

4) I'm sarcastic, to a fault.

5) I <3 making people laugh or smile.

6) I <3 spearmint gum! ... Well, actually anything that tastes like spearmint.

7) I'm random.

8) Junior in college (2016-2017)

9) Writing is my everything!

10) I <3 listening to music, it inspires me.

11) I <3 the smell of Lavender.

12) I'm a movie and television addict. Seriously, I watch a thousand shows, like:
-^- Elementary -^- The Flash -^- 12 Monkeys -^- The Mindy Project -^- Once Upon a Time -^- Suits -^- 2 Broke Girls -^- Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D -^- The Blacklist -^- The Originals -^- Brooklyn Nine-Nine -^- Flash -^- Jane the Virgin -^- Sleepy Hollow -^- Walking Dead (On Season 3, catching up) -^- Scream -^- Scandal... etc

13) I <3 the moon

14) I <3 my family

15) Current addiction: Beyoncè (*Lemonade" album, mainly)

16) I'm a hopeless romantic

17) In 1st grade, I went through a Hello Kitty phase. It was bad ... EVERYTHING was Hello Kitty .... over it now, though

18) Grew up watching: Danny Phantom, Kids Next Door, Kim Possible, Phil of the Future, CatDog, That So Raven, Fairy Odd-Parents and The Nanny ... Still watch them when they come on!

19) I'm a natural born klutz. If there's a hole, I'll fall in it. If there's a pole, best believe I'll walk into it...

20) I once confused a Burger King sign with a full moon ... no, joke...

21) Currently writing in: "Take Me Home"

22) I hope you like my stories!

Love ya,

P.S - NOT TAKING READING REQUESTS, unless they are finished (romance) books!

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