Young, Wild and Married

Young, Wild and Married

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Every woman's fantasy is to be married with someone they love someday. Most women are excited and ecstatic when planning their marriage ceremony with their husband to be. I have watched a lot of films, read a lot of romance books and seen real life wedding ceremonies and most of the brides are happy during the day of their wedding.  Would you blame me for not being like them today-my wedding day?

Being caught in bed naked with someone after going to a party is so not good especially if the one who caught you was your overly protective and conservative parents. What makes it worse is that the person naked next to you is one of your best bud who happens to be the son of your mother's best friend.

One night, one party, one mistake turned their life upside down.

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WARNING: This story may contain inappropriate language and scenes for young readers. You have been warned.
The first few chapters is subjected to revision. Please do excuse the errors for this story is on it's very rough draft c:

EDIT: Blame Newton and The Boy From The Party's spin-off. If you do not want to be spoiled, read the two first before this. However, this story can stand alone.

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Madddyyy___ Madddyyy___ May 16, 2015
This is a very good story. I love it. and I shall follow you
steph_hms steph_hms May 15, 2015
This beginning really makes you want to keep reading. It keeps the reader interested and excited about what will happen next. It goes into a lot of detail like anvtomy said. This is truly a good beginning.
SimplyFashionista_ SimplyFashionista_ Mar 10, 2015
this seems interesting and I am looking forward to reading this because the summary and prologue makes me intrigued. the plot also seems original so I will definitely read it!
homealxne homealxne Mar 07, 2015
this seems really interesting, and i actually think i might add this to one of my reading lists. you grab readers attention and that's what people like the most out. the plot sounds really origanial (unlike other stories out there) and you seem like you're not copying anyone. i really like this c:
MakaylaElise MakaylaElise Mar 06, 2015
First off, I love the cover! Did you make it yourself? Anyway, I love the plot. It sounds very original. I can tell you put a lot of thought into this book. Keep it up!
JessieCae JessieCae Mar 06, 2015
This story seems very interesting. The bride doesn't seem to like or even love her groom! It makes me want to know more to know why she doesn't like her groom and why ? The storyline is perfect I might even read on this is amazing !