Fix Me |Phan AU|

Fix Me |Phan AU|

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Dan Howell (20) has been hurt and abandoned for his whole life. Left lonely,he had absolutely nobody to talk to. He had a shitty apartment and a crappy job and really,he had nothing to look forwards to in his life. 

Phil Lester (24) seemed like a really bubbly and happy person. He made YouTube videos online and he was overall happy. Just what Dan needed to have.

What will happen when the both of them meet?

Will everything be fantastic or will all just fall to pieces?

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SpaceZara SpaceZara Aug 20, 2017
ah damn autocorrect saying 'friend' instead of 'boyfriend', but that's alright, autocorrect is a bugger sometimes
gothicvk gothicvk Jul 26, 2017
"You can't call men gorgeous"...............
                              gorgeous doesn't have gender, dannyul
alexander_magnus alexander_magnus Oct 01, 2017
Dan, your hair is literally as straight as your natural hair
hartzogtori451 hartzogtori451 Sep 30, 2017
I just imagined Patrick trying to be super mad and serious, then I imagined him failing and just giggling
olivia_is_trash olivia_is_trash Aug 02, 2017
when i read patrick i thought of patrick the star but with a beard and bushy eyebrows with a cowboy hat chewing on a tooth pick
                              what the actual hell is wrong with me
gothicvk gothicvk Jul 26, 2017
On the street 
                              Phil: wot a beautiful day it is
                              Dan: *kicking pebbles* take that you fuking pebble