BLOOM ; PHAN by mxserable
❝ see you around, flower boy. ❞
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The Tortured Angels (Phan) by Pen_Ink
The Tortured Angels (Phan)by Katherine
Me and Phil are gonna get through this, I'm not quitting now, I just need to keep trying, that's all. I know things are bad right now, really, really bad. But I still...
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Phan smut (HARDCORE AND VERY DETAILED) by smittensivan
This is phan smut, warning: Will be very detailed and I REGRET NOTHING Read if you dare.
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Target (Phan AU) by Phils_Nipple
Target (Phan AU)by Mean Green Pea
Pastel!Dan, the new kid, bumps into Punk!Phil and they just so happen to be in all the same classes. Phil has had an odd attraction on the pastel boy since he laid eyes...
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The Trip of a Lifetime ~ Dan Howell × Reader by Lilyofthevalley03
The Trip of a Lifetime ~ Dan Lilyofthevalley03
You've crushed on Dan Howell for a while, but even with you being a YouTuber yourself you've never really spoken to him. That is until you and a bunch of other YouTubers...
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Internet Love    by fandomsandphan
Internet Love by Tori
You are a YouTuber, and a famous one at that. How much trouble can one stay with your best friends Dan and Phil be? I mean, they barely leave the house anyway... Final...
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Phan oneshots by midnightgalaxyowl
Phan oneshotsby MidnightGalaxyOwl
A book of phan oneshots because obviously we don't have enough of them already, I mean... I don't have a schedule but if you want me to do a oneshot come shout at me, al...
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Sad boy ☹ Phan by glazedbee
Sad boy ☹ Phanby Belle
(COMPLETED) dan howell, a sad boy, living in a sad city, with a sad life. the world to him seemed dismal and dull. that was until he stumbled across phil lester, a happ...
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SEX ! | Phan Oneshots by midnightskydan
SEX ! | Phan Oneshotsby ya boi
smut one shots of two nerds by yours truly also posted on tumblr @midnightskydan
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Punk Pastels by ThePilot44
Punk Pastelsby L.v.
Punk Phil Pastel dan au - updates may be very random :)
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You Make Me Okay (phan) by jgksidfadu
You Make Me Okay (phan)by Shhh
Dan Howell is just a boy in his school; nothing more, but he's seen as less, and feels like less, until one day there's a new kid in town; Phil Lester. And what are the...
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Dan And Phil Imagines and One Shots by Hello_Peasant
Dan And Phil Imagines and One Shotsby Dottie ^_^
Hai (^.^) this is my first imagine/one shots book so...yeah Suggest anything you want (except smut......maybe smut(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) PHAN IS OFC WELCOOMMEE (closed) 2018 update...
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Phan One Shots by NerdieGrl
Phan One Shotsby NerdieGrl
Just a bunch of oneshots about Phan. :D It'll be updated slowly and when I have inspiration. Warning: These OneShots includes metions of self harm, suicide, and such. I...
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lethal // phan by -originofsymmetry
lethal // phanby l8r h8r (งツ)ว
('LETHAL' SERIES PART I) Of course, having the ability to change and move objects using nothing more than brain power has its perks, but being sent to a special school i...
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Royalty by prince-yoongi
Royaltyby El
~Prince!Dan, Soulmate AU~ Dan only has a year to get married, and his parents have arrange several balls to give him a chance to meet eligible women. The only problem is...
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:DAN 《 danisnotonfire x reader by fictionalgoals
:DAN 《 danisnotonfire x readerby mae
How a single signature changed a life. {highest ranking #5 in fanfiction}
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The Conglomeration Effect by Awonderwallofmystery
The Conglomeration Effectby Your mum.
The year is 2096. The earth has seen two more world wars since 2016. The last war that destroyed a quarter of Canada and half of Japan, was enough to make the government...
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Sinners (Phan) by roseahoe
Sinners (Phan)by Rip me
Homophobic parents and two gay 16 year olds, this'll end well.
  • danisnotonfire
  • daniel
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Ocean Child ✧ Phan by glazedbee
Ocean Child ✧ Phanby Belle
ocean child /əʊʃ(ə)n tʃʌɪld/ noun a species much like humans, they originated from the sea but learned to also live on land. special features include the fact that their...
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Dan and Phil Imagines by TheScarletDemigod
Dan and Phil Imaginesby Sakshi Sharan
X Reader Imagines and One-shots. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Dan! I know this girl... she's pretty-" "Intelligent, cute and sassy." "You know her?" ...
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