The Trigger (A Newt fanfiction)

The Trigger (A Newt fanfiction)

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What if the trigger to spark chaos in Group B wasn't Aris, but someone else. Someone we're all familiar with. Like... Newt? 

A young girl, named Maya, has lived in the Glade ever since she was sent here 4 months ago. She has practically lived to see it all. It wasn't her intention to help the greenie, but soon, she starts falling for him.

Join Maya, as she embarks on an adventure in the Glade and beyond, and falls for the quiet but bold boy named Newt... Will they be able to make it out alive as they face the challenges of the Maze? **The setting of the story, Group B characters, Newt, and WICKED, all belong to James Dashner. I own only my made up characters, such as Maya.

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I spent half an hour looking for this book! I found it near when I started collecting a bunch of these books to read so it was near the end of my reading list 😂
gmohandes gmohandes Feb 27
Btw, Sonya is Newt's sister. I died reading this 😂😂😂
I just read a story of me being Maya this name must be a popular choice but I like it
Hiallll444 Hiallll444 Apr 04
Here we go having a wannabe impersonating Gally's eyebrows all over again.
Omg I love this story!! Update ! I also made a newt fanfic called last hope it'd mean the world if everyone checked it out
summerstorm2904 summerstorm2904 Oct 18, 2017
In my opinion, he should be talking about Sonya. Or Lizzy. What ever she's called.