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Promise | Andy Biersack Fanfiction |

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StolenKisses_BVB By StolenKisses_BVB Updated Dec 13, 2016

Andy ran into our bedroom, his face pale with panic and shock. Immediately I knew something was wrong, and I had a pretty good idea about what it was. 

I sit up on the bed and look at him "Andy what's wrong?" He paces around the room, but doesn't answer me "Andy!" I yell at him to grab his attention. After a few more minutes of panic he finally looks at me "what's wrong?" I say calmly, even though my insides are shaking. 

He runs a hand through his short black hair and walks over to me, grabbing my hands and standing me up off of the bed "they found us" 

My heart drops to my stomach. I always knew this day would come, I just didn't think it would be this soon. I feel his hands come up and cup my face "baby I need you to go, I need you to run" I shake my head at his words, I don't want to leave him "yes you are, everything will be ok-" "no it won't" I cry "I don't want to leave you, come with me" I plead, he smiles at me with sad eyes "We can't keep running and I can't keep putting you in more danger, I love you"

The sound of our front door being smashed open makes me jump. Andy hurriedly crashes his lips into mine "go Cecily-" "I'm not leaving you here!" Gun shots ring throughout the house and Andy's head shoots up to look behind me "Silly, please run. Do this for me... I'll be ok" another gun shot sounds and I look up into his blue eyes "promise me that you'll find me, promise me that you'll be ok and we can start over" 

Our lips meet again and his forehead rests against mine. The last words he spoke to me were

"I promise baby"

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Meggies_Mind Meggies_Mind Aug 16, 2015
Awww they would be cute Emily Rudd is like 5'3 or 5'4 so Andy's like a foot taller then her.
halcyon-minds halcyon-minds Jun 15, 2015
It's pretty cool....
                              I hope you'll update soon!
                              Andy seems to be a psycho...?;)
StolenKisses_BVB StolenKisses_BVB Jun 13, 2015
@BVBSoldier101 lol thanks I'll be posting another chapter tonight or tomorrow :)
StolenKisses_BVB StolenKisses_BVB Jun 13, 2015
@Dovahkiin54 thanks so much! I'm going to be posting another chapter tonight or tomorrow :)
aurora_BVB aurora_BVB Jun 13, 2015
this is so good. it's fantastic. I'm in love with this story